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CS050 Fan-coil onlyBase model - Wine wall unit with Coated Evap coil

CS050 Fan-coil onlyBase model - Wine wall unit with Coated Evap coil
Item# 99H0409-20
Price: $3730.00 SALE $3730.00
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Specs and Features

Standard Features:

  • 4,300 BTU/H
  • Designed specifically for recessed ceiling mounting
  • Quiet operation
  • Light-weight, corrosion-proof construction
  • Paintable grille to match wine cellar design
  • Advanced condensate removal system
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • Paired with a specifically-designed Wine Guardian condensing unit
  • Low ambient protection
  • Wine Guardian Wireless2Base controls


  • Electric Heater
  • Freestanding humidifier
  • Xtreme low ambient protectionRemote Sensors
  • Serving Temperature Conditioning


Wine Guardian ceiling mount cooling systems are quiet, split wine conditioning systems that are ideal for small- to mid-size wine rooms with no space to install a traditional unit. These units were designed specifically for ceiling mounting and fit comfortably between standard joist construction — making them ideal for applications such as a wine storage display with living space around it or an all-glass wine room.


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