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Commercial Wine Lockers

In today's competitive hospitality industry, anticipating a client's every need is more important than ever. While a good dining experience can keep your guests interested, an exceptional one can keep them loyal to your establishment. Installing commercial wine lockers is an excellent way to add value for your customers and business. A wine storage locker can elevate your restaurant's appeal, prestige and revenue while enhancing customer satisfaction, status and sales.

What Is a Commercial Wine Locker?

A commercial wine locker is a secure space for organizing and storing bottles of wine in businesses like restaurants, hotels and country clubs. It provides establishments with optimal wine storage, allowing them to provide high-quality wine and a convenient and luxurious dining experience. They're often rented out to customers and members for a monthly fee. For example, a restaurant may offer locker space for $50 per month, and when space is reserved, they'll keep the locker stocked with new bottles or the customer's favorite bottles. Whenever the customer comes to dine, they can enjoy wine from their personal locker.

a small wooden cabinet with a glass door

Lockers - 1 Door

Starting at $469.00

a wooden cabinet with bottles of wine in it

Lockers - 2 Door

Starting at $818.00

a wooden cabinet with bottles of wine in it

Lockers - 3 Door

Starting at $1,221.00

a wooden shelf with bottles of wine in it

Lockers - 4 Door

Starting at $1,596.00

a wooden cabinet with bottles of wine and a box of wine

Lockers - 5 Door

Starting at $2,115.00

Benefits of Commercial Wine Storage Lockers

Wine storage locker benefits include improving customer service, enhancing the client experience, improving aesthetic appeal and more.

Enhanced Prestige

Wine lockers offer your establishment sophistication and prestige. This unique feature allows clients to enjoy their favorite wine and gives them the allure of belonging to an exclusive club. You can keep your lockers stocked with prestige brands to make your restaurant seem more luxurious and high-end. If you have a large event space, you can also allow event organizers to rent larger three-door lockers that hold up to 63 bottles of wine for the weekend of dinners and activities.

Enticing New Clients

For clients who want an exclusive dining experience, a wine locker membership program can be an attractive selling point. For example, for a monthly or yearly membership fee, you can keep a guest's personal wine locker stocked with new and exciting bottles of wine. These memberships can entice more clientele to join this top-tier group. You can also allow guests to reserve a small one-door wine locker for a single night. If a company is planning a fancy work dinner with 25 guests, access to a wine locker can ease the burden on servers and make dining more seamless. These conveniences make visiting your establishment more enjoyable and worthwhile, leading to more time and money spent at your restaurant, hotel or country club.

Minimal Maintenance

Wine lockers are often made from durable materials like natural hardwood and metal, making them durable and long-lasting. They also typically have few cleaning requirements, meaning you can enjoy a valuable and cost-effective feature.

Interior Appeal

Wine lockers come in various styles, materials and designs, so installing these storage solutions can add to your interior design. Whether you have a classic or modern layout, different storage locker materials, colors, finishes and designs can provide a bold and attractive focal point.

Increased Sales

Wine locker membership and rental fees can increase the revenue at your establishment. Additionally, you can charge a bit extra for exclusive bottles.

Improved Dining Experience

You can offer premium services alongside a wine locker membership, including private wine tastings and steward or sommelier services. These services bring extra value and improve the dining experience.

Commercial Wine Locker Options

Consider the following design options when choosing a commercial wine locker for your establishment.

Material, Stains and Finishes

Whether you want to complement your decor or create a bold focal point, wood wine lockers come in numerous stains and finishes to help you achieve your desired design. From matte black to shiny cherry, you can find a finish and stain that matches the vibe you're going for.


You can get one-, two- or five-door wine storage racks to meet your design, spatial and storage requirements. Single-door lockers are ideal for members who want to keep up to 21 bottles of wine, while five-door units hold more than 100 bottles, making them excellent for people who want to build a collection. You can also customize wine unit heights before installation.


There are many ways to customize your unit. Glass windows, for example, are excellent for displaying wines and provide a more elegant and sophisticated aesthetic. Mesh doors can also be visually appealing and can enhance the appearance of your establishment.

Commercial Wine Lockers FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about commercial wine lockers:

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