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Commercial Wine Racks

When it comes to the success of your business, customer service and the aesthetic appeal of your store speak volumes to your customers. People buy with their emotions and a beautiful, efficient wine display rack will ensure your clients feel confident about doing business with you.

Commercial Wine Rack Types

Wooden Wine Racks
Our Commercial Wood Wine Racks combine functionality and aesthetics to provide a versatile storage solution for wine enthusiasts and businesses alike.
Wine Lockers
Constructed with durable materials, these wine lockers offer a reliable and customizable storage solution for restaurants, wine bars, and private clubs.
Metal Wine Racks
Available in various sizes and configurations, our Metal Wine Racks cater to diverse storage needs, making them an ideal choice for providing a contemporary and efficient way to showcase and organize wine collections.

Commercial Wine Racking

There are various retail wine racks on the market, and it's best to keep your customer in mind when you design and arrange your wine displays. Some wines are best kept behind a locker, while others should be displayed for maximum visibility. Ultimately, you want to create the best experience for your clients.

Wine Lockers

Keeping certain wines safe and protected from humidity and breakage is vital for your return on investment as well as for the sake of your customers. With the added advantage of storing your wine behind a glass door, wine lockers are ideal for storing vintage or special wine collections.

Aging your wines can be easy with wine lockers as the compartments inside the locker ensure your wine remains safely stacked with just the right amount per compartment. This wine display gives you peace of mind that the wine remains of high quality while allowing customers to browse and make their selections.

Wooden Wine Racks

Wood combines the classic, old-world charm reminiscent of the history of wines with sleek and modern displays. Commercial wine racks are not merely about showcasing your wines to your clients, it's an informative experience. Your customers can easily browse labels and prices with wooden wine displays. These racks have spaces to fit your price labels and customers can pick up the bottle and read the back labels if they wish.

Many factors influence a customer's likelihood to purchase wine, from the variety to the brand name. Overall, however, consumers are more likely to purchase a wine if they can touch it. The ability to interact with the product, from feeling the texture of the label to seeing the color of the wine in the bottle, can all influence a customer's purchasing decision.

A wooden wine rack allows the consumer to examine the label, bottle and closure. Choosing wooden wine racks for your retail space puts your wines on display so customers can see and even touch the bottles themselves. Building this tactile relationship can increase the likelihood of purchase.

Metal Wine Racks

Contributing to a sleeker, more modern aesthetic, metal wine racks offer durability and strength. These features are why metal racks are popular choices for mounting against walls. You can choose this option to save space and display some of your wine against the wall, with the metal racks making the bottles look as if they are "floating."

This type of rack can be mounted against wood, concrete or drywall. You can orient the bottles with the labels out for maximum visual appeal, or optimize space by storing them cork out to fit more bottles in a display. Metal wine racks are a great choice for smaller spaces or if you space has a more modern design.

Commercial Custom Wine Rack Features

There are various materials and designs to choose from if you need a custom-made retail wine display. Display racks are often made to fit your brand and design needs. Consider these different wine cellar types:

Custom Modern Wine Racks

If you're looking for modern wine room ideas, consider mixing materials like glass, wood and metal. Metal and glass designs tend to give a more sleek feel, perfect if your brand reflects a cleaner, fresh look. Enhance the allure and luxury of your wine displays with features like LED lighting and artwork. For an ultra-modern feel, install a glass entryway to your wine cellar.

Contemporary Wine Cellars

Whereas modern wine cellars use various materials and offer multiple design options, contemporary wine cellar designs combine classic and new ideas. These designs lend themselves to more customization, creating an artful approach to storing your wine. You can maximize storage efficiency and fit a variety of bottle types into this design.

Retail Wine Display Racks for All Businesses

There is a commercial custom wine rack for every business. Whether you're a restaurateur ready to impress patrons with different and sophisticated wines and liquors or a hotel that delivers your clients the ultimate in luxury and entertainment, these are the best options for your space:


An eatery will benefit from wine lockers due to their display function, they are also ideal if you have a bar. Smaller wine display racks are also a good investment for patrons wishing to view your wines before making a choice. Restaurants always have a unique ambiance, so match your wine rack with your brand's voice. Wooden racks and wine lockers look more classic, while metal or contemporary versions are more modern.

Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts

Guests at a hotel expect to be wined and dined, and expect this with some amount of luxury. The hospitality industry is known for providing the best service, your commercial wine rack should be no different. You can opt for beautiful woods or modern metals to add to the atmosphere of your establishment. Because hotels often have many guests, it's best to ensure some white wines and rosés stay chilled with proper refrigeration.

Retail Outlets

Retail outlets have the benefit of using their entire floor for wine displays. The more traditional, sizeable wooden wine racks are ideal for large spaces. You can store more expensive wine brands and unique labels in a wine locker and remove these on request. Consider mounting metal racks to your wall at the pay point so patrons can have extra choices for last-minute purchases at checkout.

Request a Custom Commercial Wine Rack Design

Nothing says luxury and attention to detail more than a custom retail wine rack from Wine Rack Concepts, LLC. Not only will the fixture fit perfectly into the overall design of your floor, but you'll also be free to utilize the space and racks as you see fit. Give the best to your business by designing a wine rack with your clients in mind.

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