Frequently Asked Questions


What wood species do you use to manufacture your wine racks?

We stock the following high-quality wood choices:

- Clear All-Heart Redwood

- Premium Redwood

- Rustic Pine

- Grand Mahogany

We will also manufacture custom racking out of other material options that are compatible with long term wine storage.  Find more wine cellar wood material options. If you don't see the material you are interested in ask if it is an option. We have only listed the materials that we are most often asked to manufacture in and not all the materials we have produced product in.

What country are my wine racks manufactured in?

All of our wooden wine racks as well as our Revue Series metal and wood wine racks are manufactured in the USA at 4575 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45226.

The only racking we offer that is not made in America are the metal Vintage View racks, which are made in China, specifically due to the manufacturer of those products having a patent that will not allow any other company to manufacture them. Customer's have requested those products from us, so we offer them as a courtesy so our client's can have a one-stop shopping experience.

What is the depth of your racking and will it hold my bottles securely?

WCI makes two specific depths in our wood wine racks.

We offer a shallow depth rack at 8 3/4” and a full depth wine rack at 13 1/2”. Both depths will hold the bottle securely. The shallow depth offering allow us to utilize the minimum amount of material to maximize your savings. The full depth series allow us the ability to make the final look and appearance of the rack to be more polished with the addition of bevelled rails and radius curved corners.

In the shallow depth wine racks we offer the following lines:

Winemaker (Stackable Kit Series to accommodate any ceiling height)
Silver Series (custom racking in Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine)


In the full depth wine racks we offer the following lines:

Designer Series (6' Kit Series)
Vintner (Stackable Kit Series to accommodate any ceiling height)
Gold Series (custom racking in Premium Redwood and Rustic Pine)
Platinum Series (custom racking in a variety of wood choices and racking configurations)


We also have a unique line of Curvy Wine Cubes and metal wine racks that can help you maximize every available inch in your residential or commercial wine cellars. With our custom made-to-order wine cellars the sky is the limit.

Can I mix custom with kit racking to save on costs?

Yes you can! There are some design variations between the two that you will want to discuss with your design consultant, such as the center line height of the Individual bottle racks in the Traditional kits is not the same as the center line height of the individuals in the Silver Series.

What steps should I take if I want to paint my wood racks?

You can absolutely paint your wood racks. We've had several examples that were sent to us after the fact that look really fantastic. You would want to use a primer coat, and then paint your color. We highly recommend low VOC paint. 

Do you offer acrylic items? 

We currently have two types of acrylic wine racks. One is a clear contemporary look that we manufacture ourselves. The second is the Evolution Series from Vintage View. 

Do you have pegs that stick into the wall? 

We offer metal wine rack pegs that are created by Vintage View. They mount easily to drywall, masonry, or wood and can be purchased in small amounts. 

Is the wood a rough finish when it's sent out?

All the material has a smooth finish when we assemble the racks. Whether or not a stain is applied, all unstained racks are smooth sanded. 

Can you ship the wine racks assembled? 

Yes, you can contact us for a quote to have your racking shipped assembled. Bill G from Missouri did that and had this to say, "I had your teams fully assemble them in your factory and they were shipped already assembled. They arrived in perfect condition! Very pleased with them thus far, and can’t wait to start filling them up."

Can a Design Specialist come to my house to help me measure? 

We have several Design Specialists around the country. Please ask if you need help. Otherwise, we can walk you through the steps needed to get the perfect measurements. 




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