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Custom Wine Cellars

Custom Wine Cellars

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Our custom wine cellars can be designed in any size, with any budget. Finding the perfect place to store your wine can be anywhere from a small wine cellar closet to the largest wine room. Request a free wine cellar consultation and receive wine cellar design room plans to start the process on your new construction.

Our custom wine rack series gives you numerous options but if we can save you money with our wine rack kit series we will do that. Otherwise, our wine storage options can be extremely unique. From wine artwork, to ceilings and floors, to wooden door entryways, Wine Cellar Innovations does it all. Please contact us for all of your wine cellar solutions.

From Design to Install. We Have all Your Wine Cellar Solutions!


Mix Wood & Metal Wine Racks into a Beautiful Custom Wine Cellar!

Our custom wine cellars can be designed from the smallest wine closet up to the largest wine room. We have three specific custom series that we push your wine cellar designs into but it all starts with your vision and measurements for the area or wine room. If we can use one of our our wine rack series to save you money, we will do that. Otherwise, our wine storage options can be extremely unique. An important aspect of making a show stopping wine cellar is adding wine artwork to your room. We make some incredible paintings, murals, mosaic art, and more. We would love the chance to quote your new wine cellar addition. If you are in the market for a wine shop design, we have some new products that will help you display your wine to sell.

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