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Custom Modern Wine Cellars and Contemporary Design

Homes and commercial establishments with a contemporary feel are best accentuated with a modern wine cellar. Our custom modern wine room designs provide a sleek and clean way to store and display your well-curated collection while complementing the rest of your contemporary space.

Modern Wine Cellar Features

Wine rooms can elevate any area, regardless of the design. Using a perfect blend of suitable materials, stylings and finishes, we can help create the custom modern wine cellar of your dreams. Here are some features we use in our contemporary designs.

Mixed Materials

Modern design combines metal and wood, a common feature of Millesime wine racks, for a contemporary look that highlights wine bottles from every angle. Another sought-after combination is metal with glass finishes.

Innovative Lighting

The right lighting can add a modern feel to any wine cellar design. Consider using clean lighting fixtures within the racks to bring attention to the bottles and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. LED display lights are another option. They come in various color options that can seamlessly blend into the wine cellar design for a more unique look.

Glass Entryways

Contemporary designs tend to feature glass doors for showcasing wine collections. Glass wine cellars offer a clean, minimalistic aesthetic with a touch of elegance that works well for modern establishments.

Modern Wine Room Ideas

Designing a modern wine room involves several considerations to help you achieve a sleek style. Custom modern wine cellars can be designed to suit your needs, preferences and budget, giving you space to explore various ideas:

  • Size options: Size options for modern designs vary from small understair cellars to entire wine rooms with racks that go from the floor to the ceiling.
  • Storage capabilities: Establishing the proper storage conditions is crucial for preserving the quality of the wine. For contemporary designs, it is vital to find the perfect balance between display and function while maximizing storage capacity.
  • Materials: Our modern wine cellar designs utilize Walnut and Mahogany wood options, with a clear coat or black varnish finish on the wood. Optional acrylic side supports are available and aluminum can be used for the floor-to-ceiling and bottle supports. The floor-to-ceiling and rail support is offered as clear anodized, black anodized, or gold anodized material.

Contemporary Wine Rooms

Contemporary Wine Cellars Our contemporary wine cellar line fits the very definition of the word. They are conforming to modern or current ideas in style, fashion, and design. The are a unique and different way to store your wines. You can fit a variety of bottles in these cellars and the finished look is sure to impress.

Request a Contemporary Wine Room Custom Design

At Wine Rack Concepts, LLC, we can help you design the ideal modern wine rack for your home or business. Our experienced designers provide the most suitable solutions for your space and wine collection needs. To get started, request a wine room custom design today.

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