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Wine Guardian Refrigeration
Wine Guardian systems incorporate cooling, heating, filtration, humidification, ducting, internal safety devices and low ambient control as integrated solutions. They are also capable of multiple installation configurations, including through-the-wall (flush, fully recessed or semi-recessed); remote mount; indoor; or outdoor (protected appropriately from the weather). Wine Cellar Innovations can help you select the proper size wine cellar cooling system according to your storage needs, location, cellar size and size of wine investment. Contact Us today for a complimentary wine cooling needs analysis.
Wine Cellar Building Guide
Wine Guardian Refrigeration

850 cu. ft.
Wine Guardian Refrigeration

1500 cu. ft.
Wine Guardian Refrigeration

400-2000 cu. ft.
Wine Guardian Refrigeration

800-3000 cu. ft.
Wine Guardian Refrigeration

1500-6000 cu. ft.
Wine Guardian Refrigeration

2500-8500 cu. ft.
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Note that wine bottles should be kept under ideal storage conditions 24/7. These conditions should be as close to 55-58 F temperature and 55-75% relative humidity as possible. Choosing the proper wine cooling system for this purpose has to be done with care to ensure that with each bottle poured, the customer will have the wine tasting "experience" he or she is looking for.
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