Wine Cellar Humidification

Fountain Gallery
Natural Slate Waterfall Floor Fountain
Natural Slate Waterfall Floor Fountain Fountain
Height: 48"
Width: 16"
Depth: 8"
Lead time 3-6 weeks. Enjoy a touch of nature in your wine cellar with this natural slate wine cellar humidification fountain. This humidity adding fountain features a soothing waterfall, is a floor fountain, and includes polished river stones and a 2 W LED Finger Bulb (1) with waterproof switch. Some assembly required.
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Classic Misting Bowl
Classic Misting Bowl
Height: 9"
Width: 5 1/2"
Depth: 10"
Lead time 1-2 weeks. Add a touch of elegance and humidity to your wine cellar with this small decorative bowl. Includes mister fogger, greenery, and river rocks.
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Contemporay Misting Bowl
Contemporay Misting Bowl
Height: 8 1/4"
Width: 3 1/2"
Depth: 10"

Lead time 1-2 weeks. Modernize your wine cellar with this small decorative wine cellar humidification bowl that is made with red mosaic glass pieces. Includes mister fogger, greenery, and river rocks.
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Height: 7"
Width: 4"
Lead time 1 week. With the addition of our humidistat to your fountain order, you can control and monitor the humidity of your wine cellar automatically and accurately. The humidistat is built to automatically turn off and on your wine cellar table top humidifier, and/or mister/fogger, to keep your wine cellar functioning at the perfect humidity year round. **Must use in coordination with a fountain or mister/fogger.
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Mister  Fogger
Mister / Fogger
1 1/2" in Diamater
Lead time 1 week. Maximize your wine cellar humidification performance by adding an ultrasonic mister/fogger to your Bottle Fountain, or your own dish.
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Slate Waterfall
Classic Misting Bowl
Contemporary Misting Bowl
Classic Misting Bowl
Contemporary Misting Bowl
Mister Fogger



Please note that fountain & fountain accessory products are non-returnable.

The earliest wine cellars were actually caves, particularly those caves built underground. That's because these caves provide for consistent storage conditions that have now been recognized as the ideal storage conditions for modern wine cellars. When we talk of these ideal wine storage conditions, we refer to both the temperature range and the humidity levels.

Why is humidity so important?

When it comes to establishing the perfect wine storage conditions in a wine cellar, it's not just about maintaining the ideal temperature range. There are still a lot of wine cellar enthusiasts out there who focus only on the cooling system of their wine cellars while neglecting the significance of maintaining the right humidification levels therein. This is perhaps one of the most fatal mistakes anyone can make in the construction of a wine cellar. We should take a leaf out of the history books and emulate the environmental designs in the underground caves of Europe.

A proper wine cellar should maintain around 55-75% relative humidity, which, combined with the right temperature range of 55-58 degrees, creates a cool and damp environment which is just what your wine bottles need to age at a graceful pace. Note that wine breathes through the cork and this is what causes it to age in the process. If sudden environmental changes occur such as having to little or too much humidity, this will be very detrimental to your wine bottles. Too little humidity will prevent the wine from reaching its peak taste while too much will cause mold to form on the corks and eventually rot the labels.

It now goes without saying that maintaining both ideal temperature and humidity levels in your custom wine cellar is crucial to the proper aging of your fine wines. That's why putting in a good wine cooling unit is definitely not enough. Even those units that claim they can manage both temperature and humidity levels can likely just reduce but not increase the humidity levels. This is especially the case if your wine cellar is located in a dry area. Purchasing an indoor fountain humidifier separately or upgrading your wine cooling system with the proper humidification accessories is the most prudent thing to do.

Our aim is to provide wine storage solutions for any and all types of wine cellar construction issues and our products cover every aspect of wine storage. Our selection of decorative wine cellar humidifiers can help you create the perfect environment for your prized collection, together with a quality wine cooling system.

Keep in mind that managing the environmental conditions in your wine cellar can help keep your wines at their peak and allow you to enjoy them for years to come. Chat with our experienced wine cellar consultants today and bring the best taste of history back to your wine cellars!


Returns initiated by The Purchaser
Kit items may be returned to Wine Cellar Innovations by the customer for any reason, as long as: 1) the items have not been assembled, 2) they arrive back at Wine Cellar Innovations in a "like-new" condition, and 3) arrive back at Wine Cellar Innovations in the original packaging. Upon arrival, the items will be inspected for damage. A refund will be issued to The Purchaser for the amount of the merchandise less a 15% restocking fee less the amount to ship the item to the customer less the amount to ship the item back to Wine Cellar Innovations less the value of any damage that the item incurred while in the possession of the customer.
This return policy includes instances where The Purchaser inadvertently orders the wrong item in error and wishes to return it.
Returns due to Our Error
If a replacement must be made because the wrong item arrives due an error on Wine Cellar Innovations's part (such as the wrong item was shipped, it was made of the wrong material, it was stained the wrong color, or it was damaged before receipt) Wine Cellar Innovations will work with the customer to correct the error. There will be no charge for these replacements; however, the customer must follow these steps to resolve the problem.
  1. The Purchaser must contact Wine Cellar Innovations to inform them of the error that was made
  2. A replacement will be sent to the customer within 24 hours
  3. The Purchaser will be given an RMA# which must be written on the outside of the shipping box
  4. Call Tags will be sent to the Purchaser to return the item at no cost
  5. Instructions will be included with the Call Tags on how to return the item. This is called "Activating the Call Tag."
  6. The customer has 6 business days to activate this call tag. If it is not activated by the 7th business day the customer will be charged the full amount of the product plus shipping.
  7. Conversely, The Purchaser may request that the replacement not be sent until the incorrect unit arrives back at Wine Cellar Innovations. This will eliminate issue #6 above…ensuring no cost will be incurred by the customer.
Returns Due to Damage Caused by Shipping to The Purchaser
The Purchaser has 10 calendar days to inspect the product for defects or damage and notify Wine Cellar Innovations. If notified within 10 calendar days, Wine Cellar Innovations will replace the damaged piece at no charge to the customer. Any damage not reported within 10 calendar days of receipt of the item will not be replaced for free. The customer may choose to pay for the replacement part. The replacement part will not be shipped until The Purchaser has paid the appropriate cost by Check, Credit Card or Cash.
All other issues are covered under our limited warranty.
Cancellation Policy
You may cancel any kit order that is unstained and made of our stock woods without penalty as long as it is canceled before the order has shipped. If the order has already shipped then it will be subject to our kit return policy outlined above. If your order has a stain or other finish then you will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee once the stain has been applied to the order. Upon contacting Wine Cellar Innovations we will review your order and access if the stain has already been applied to inform you of whether the cancellation fee will apply. If your order is made of a custom wood then it cannot be canceled for any reason.
Storage Charge

If you choose not to have your product shipped to you immediately when it is completed, or if you are interested in picking up your products yourself, then Wine Cellar Innovations will store your product at our warehouse at no additional charge for up to 7 calendar days from the initial date you are informed your product has been completed. On the 8th calendar day your order will start to accumulate storage fees in the amount of $.10 per pound/ per day. Your order will not be release until all payments have been received, including the additional storage charges. If the amount of your storage charges exceeds the payments that Wine Cellar Innovations has received, then product is subject to forfeiture.

Website Color Disclaimer
The wood swatches and photography that are represented on this website have been provided to give you a visual representation of the wood and stain options available through our organization. However, due to variations in individual user's monitor settings, calibrations, color printing settings, and lighting sources, we cannot guarantee that your wine cellar will be an exact match to the colors represented on this site. We would also like to explain that in certain wood species, the color changes as it ages over time. For example, most cuts of redwood gain a richer color as it ages. Coloring also varies throughout any given cut of wood grade, providing a broad range of shading and color density. We would like to also point out that there will be a variation that one can expect from a single sample of material, compared to the thousands of varying pieces that will be utilized in the final construction of your wine cellar racking or product. If you would like assistance with color matching for interior design purposes, you may request a free Material Spectrum Chart that is professionally printed to accurately represent the wood choices that you have selected. Please call and speak to a wine cellar consultant to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have, or to request a Material Spectrum Chart.


All humidification fountains are non-returnable.
Warranty on Pump only.
Pump: 1 year warranty if properly maintained.

There are no returns on the Copper Bottle Fountain (FNTCBTL/FNTCBTLSYS) or the Grapevine Copper Fountains (FNTBRCO/FNTBRCOSYS and FNTBUCO/FNTBUCOSYS) for any reason. These three fountain models are hand-made and custom manufactured per order. If you would like to cancel your order for the Copper Bottle Fountain or the Grapevine Copper Fountain before it is shipped you will only be refunded the original payment if the fountain has not yet gone into production. In the event that the fountain production has already started, the order is, at that time non-refundable.

All Humidification Accessories and Fountains, other than the Copper Bottle Fountains and the Grapevine Copper Fountains can be returned to Wine Cellar Innovations by the customer for any reason, as long as the items have not been assembled and have been returned to Wine Cellar Innovations in a "like new" condition in the original packaging. The items will be subject to a 15% restocking fee and shipping both ways, unless the reason for the return was a processing error on Wine Cellar Innovations's part, such as the wrong item was shipped or the item was damaged or defective upon receipt. The customer may contact Wine Cellar Innovations to initiate the return process. All refunds will be paid by Wine Cellar Innovations to the customer. Wine Cellar Innovations will refund customer in the amount of the total item price minus a 15% restocking fee. The customer must acquire a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number from Wine Cellar Innovations in order for the product to be returned. The customer has 10 days to inspect the product for defects or damage. If the product is being exchanged due to damage or incorrect product being sent in error by Wine Cellar Innovations, Wine Cellar Innovations will provide a call tag for return at no charge to the customer. The customer has 6 business days to activate this call tag. If it is not activated by the 7th business day the customer will be charged the full amount of the product plus shipping. If the customer is willing to wait for the replacement until the product is returned this rule does not apply and the customer will not be charged for shipping. Should customer inadvertently order an incorrect item, they will be responsible for the replacement cost plus shipping. Upon receipt of the return Wine Cellar Innovations will refund customer the cost of the incorrect item/s minus the 15% restocking fee and any additional return shipping cost paid by Wine Cellar Innovations.


Shipping Methods
Wine Cellar Innovations uses various shipping methods to ensure that your racking and other purchases arrive to you when you need it, and free from damage. We utlize several different shipping carriers depending on your order size and where we are shipping your order to. Some of the carriers we choose to use are as follows, but not limited : Fed Ex, UPS, Roadway Express, Overnite Transportation, Dawes Transportation, ABF, Team Worldwide, & Yellow. You will recieve an email confirmation from us once your order has shippied from our facility advising you of the carrier and the tracking information, so you can plan for your delivery accordingly.
The following is for reference of larger orders or custom wine cellars:
Maximum Protection of Your Order
Our custom cellars are boxed in corrugated with corner protectors, then stacked and shrink wrapped onto skids.  The skids contain plywood aprons around the perimeter as shown to minimize damage from fork lifts while being moved around shipping terminals and on/off the trucks.  The vast majority of custom cellars ship via common carrier.
Basic Delivery
Means we ship via a 53' foot semi-trailer that will arrive at your residence and the driver will open the back of the truck and step aside for the assigned party on your end to unload it.  If the basic service does not fit your needs we also have a host of additional services listed below that you can choose from for an additional cost.
Customer pickup
Means that the client will be contacted when their product is completed. Customer will then contact their design consultant with the date they will be arriving for pick up.  Pick up date and times are Monday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM.  Please be advised that the afternoon pickup may be at the same time as large carriers are being loaded and delays in loading your product may occur.  We will need to be notified if the product will be loaded on a skid.
Third party shipping
Means the customer has their own shipping company and is going to arrange for delivery of the product to their final destination at their expense.  Wine Cellar Innovations will need a completely filled out Bill of Lading at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled pick up date of the product.  Product will be loaded on skids and customer will be charged a skid fee by Wine Cellar Innovations for each skid required to package your order.  Client will be notified when their order is complete and ready for pick up.  Pick up date and times are Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM and 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM.
Inside Delivery and lift gate service
Means that the carrier will remove the product off of their truck and deliver it into your garage or the first room that is past the threshold of your residence or place of business.  Lift gate service is required for them to take the product off the truck due to the length and weight of our product.
Gated community
Needs to be marked if you live in one as there are only a limited number of specialty carriers who are willing to make deliveries to these communities due to the extra work involved in clearing a time for delivery and getting the clearance with security.
Small truck
Is required if a 53' long semi trailer will not be able to make a delivery to park in front of your home or in your driveway at the time of delivery.
Two man delivery service
Will be checked by Wine Cellar Innovations if we are shipping product this in excess of 70 pounds per box or if you have requested delivery of your product inside your home to a location other than the first room pass the threshold of your residence or place of business.
Turn Key Quote 

A Turn Key quote will be required if delivery is to be made to the following

  • Condo
  • High rise
  • Any residential area where trucking companies must use asn elevator     
  • If the customer wants delivery past the threshold & inside the residence
  • If the drop off location is not directly off of the driveway or if the driveway is inaccessible.