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CellarPro Self Contained Front Vent Cooling Unit 1800XTSr-ECX #35882

Cellar Pro Self Contained Front Vent Cooling Unit 1800XTSr-ECX #35882
Item# CPRO-1800XTSr
Price: $2595.00 SALE $2595.00
Price Match Guarantee

Specs and Features

  • Capacity: 400 Cu. Ft.
  • Size: 18w x 19.5d x 10.5h (in)
  • Power/Rating: 115V AC / 60 Hz
    Compressor Amps:
    - Running: 4.9 Amps 
    - Startup: 22.2 Amps
  • Warranty: Optional Extended Warranty

Experience superior wine storage with the CellarPro 1800XTSr-ECX wine cooling unit, offering adjustable humidity and extra cooling power. Specifically designed to replace Breezaire 2200 and Wine-Mate 2500 cooling units, this advanced cooling system ensures outstanding performance in small wine cellars and slightly larger wine cabinets, especially in warmer environments or commercial establishments. The CellarPro 1800XTSr-ECX is ideal for immediate use as a replacement, providing reliable temperature control and humidity management.

Designed for through-the-wall installation, the CellarPro 1800XTSr-ECX should not be ducted unless accompanied by an in-line fan. With a capacity of 250 cubic feet in properly insulated and sealed wine cellars, it delivers efficient cooling to preserve the quality of your wine collection. Take advantage of our extended warranty with enhanced coverage for the 1800 Series cooling units, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

  • Extra Cooling Power
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • Digital LED Display
  • Adjustable Humidity Control
  • Energy-Saver Mode
  • Quick-Chill Mode
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • High-Output Compressor
  • Epoxy Coated Coils
  • Min/Max Temperature
  • Maintenance-Needed Indicator
  • Auto-Defrost Cycle
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation (< 50 dBA)
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Removable Steel Case
  • Vibration-free Operation
  • Optional Extended Warranty
When ducting the FRONT of CellarPro VS and Split cooling units, varying amounts of condensation can occur depending on the ambient conditions where the cooling unit will be located. The charts above are designed to provide guidance in selecting the appropriate front duct kit depending on 1. Your desired cellar temperature, 2. The ambient temperature where the cooling unit will be located, and 3. the ambient relative humidity where the cooling unit will be located.

Condensation generally occurs on the cold surfaces of the face and around the front of the cooling unit when the temperature of the metal falls below the ambient dew point (a function of temperature and humidity). The greater the difference between the dew point and the metal temperature (ie the higher the dew point and the lower the metal temperature), the more condensation will occur. For this reason, CellarPro has developed two front duct kits for its VS and Split systems: a duct kit for LOW humidity conditions, and a duct kit for HIGH humidity conditions. The HIGH humidity duct kit has extra insulation around the front and face of the cooling unit, and always should be used together with our remote control display kit. In some cases (shown above in red), the humidity conditions are too high even for our HIGH humidity duct kit. In this case, the cooling unit should be moved to a conditioned space and the rear should be ducted if necessary.



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