Breezaire WKL Series

This is the advanced system of choice for standard applications ranging from under 100 to 2000 cubic feet. WKL Series systems are compact, self-contained units. Our performance speaks for itself. This series is equipped with the BREEZAIRE's affordable Sentry III control system. This system offers more features that others offer in their higher-grade models.

The BREEZAIRE's Sentry III control system offers the following features:

  • Large, easy to read, cool green LED display
  • Accurate, easy to adjust temperature set points with continuous display of cabinet temperature.
  • Power outage protection.
  • Blocked airflow protection, which shuts down unit and protects wine in case of high temperatures caused by condenser blockage or fan failure.
  • Controls temperature by enclosure (cellar) air sensors or optional bottle probe.
Units are shipped from the factory fully charged and ready for use when mounted in a wall and connected to 115 AC volt source.


Sizing Guide & Specifications for Breezaire WKL Systems
  Enclosure Volume in cubic feet Electrical depth width height weight  
WKL1060 140 3 Amps 16.38" 14.25" 13.25" 45 lb
WKL2200 260 4 Amps 16.38" 14.25" 13.25" 55 lb
WKL3000 650 5 Amps 21.63" 14.25" 19.75" 76 lb
WKL4000 1000 7 Amps 21.63" 14.25" 19.75" 81 lb
WKL6000 1500 9.5 Amps 22.25" 16.25" 22" 101 lb
WKL8000 2000 10 Amps 22.25" 16.25" 22" 101 lb

  • All units are 115 Volt, 60 Hz
  • The 1060 and 2200 models are manufactured with the cold air out the front (standard) or out the top of unit (special order).
  • All six models can be manufactured with the hot air out the rear (standard) or out the top of unit (special order).
  • All six models come with the electric cord out the front (standard) or can be routed out the rear (special order).
  • The 3000 thru 8000 models are shipped from the factory with the unit configured with the cold air routed out the front with the option of routing the cold air out the top by the installer.


WKL Series

WKL Series