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4ft Section of Winemaker Series Molding - 1 7/16 in Base with 1 5/16 in JD Crown

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Floor Plan Template Download

Kit Contents:
(1) 4 Ft Section of Base
(1) 4 Ft Section of Crown
(2) 45 11/16" Sections of Stackable Beam Supports

specscrown ht - 1 5/16" base ht - 1 7/16" length - 48"


Browsing through the different molding ideas can be fun. This smaller base molding means you don't have to buy a base platform. With the beautiful JD crown, you get just enough detail to finish off your racks and make them look amazing. These JD profiled crown and OG base straight moldings are sold in 4 ft lengths, and are 1 5/16" in height.

There are six unique crown molding options that vary in profile and height, and every crown option is available with either a 1 7/16” high base molding option, or a 5 ¼” high base molding option.

Crown and Base molding packages are packaged together and sold in standard 4’ lengths. Beam supports are necessary when stacking these wine rack kits, and are included and come standard with the crown & base molding packages. Each molding package below is also available curved to fit our WineMaker Series Curved Corner wine racks. Custom lengths of molding can be requested up to 12’ in length, please call to obtain a special quote for this material. Assembly required.
  • Versatile wine racking
  • Can fit just about any ceiling height
  • Custom, organized look at reasonable prices
  • Many different racking styles and display options
  • Made in the USA


Spacer Bar upgradeSpacer Bars:
Spacer bars come with a dado that comfortably fits each column of your racking. Putting together the racks can be done with the nails provided, or you can utilize a brad nailer for faster assembly. Note that if you choose to assemble your racks with screws, you will need to pre-drill and countersink the holes to avoid the accidental splitting of the material.

Bottom Rail upgradeBottom Rail: All the racks in this Series have a 1 7/16" square cut bottom rail. With these rails, your bottles are stored securely above the floor level so they do not break accidentally by hitting a hard floor. Added to this,, the base molding supplied with this Series is 1 7/16" high and can be applied directly to the front of this rail.






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