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Our Vintner Series has always been known for it's stackable qualities, allowing you to buy 3 or 4 foot racks and stack them to any height you desire.
We are now making it much easier for you to purchase exactly the racks and stacking equipment you need by selecting a 3 foot, 4 foot, 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot or 9 foot foot wine rack at the purchase page.
How to Stack
Vintner Stackable
Wine Racks
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Sometimes you need a small rack to fit into a cabinet or sit next to a wall. Purchase one of these and you are set for a small amount of wine bottle storage.
Similar to our three foot high wine racks, our four foot high racks have extra space for a few more wine bottles. Constructed the in the same manner, the only difference is the height.

Three & Four Foot Client Examples

Customer Testimonial:

"Would we use Wine Cellar Innovations again? ABSOLUTELY. From start to finish – a great experience. We recently bought several kits from Wine Cellar Innovations and could not have been more satisfied with our experience. It arrived within a week of our placing the order. Everything was packaged very well. Only one part of one kit came damaged. However, we were able to quickly reorder the piece at no cost – and it arrived 10 days later. Would we use Wine Cellar Innovations again? ABSOLUTELY. From start to finish – a great experience. " - Caye O.

This is where our Vintner Series gets extremely adaptable. Select the six foot option to have two of our three foot high wine racks sent, along with the stackable beam supports to assemble a six foot high wine rack. Rather then getting confused by ordering multiple wine racks to achieve the height you want, we created this easy option for you to order online. If you prefer to mix and match some of our various racking options, you can purchase two of the three foot wine rack options, simply make sure their widths match on where you will be stacking them together.

Add Extra Options
• Stylish Molding Packages
• Center Seam Trim
• Base Molding Packages
• Base Platforms

Add Center Seam Trim to hide the point where your two wine racks meet. You can also add a base platform to elevate your wine racks, along with base and crown molding to high the platform at the bottom and add decoration to the crown. If you don't purchase a base platform, you can add a smaller base molding to hide the bottom of the wine rack.
How to Stack

Six Foot Client Examples

Customer Testimonial:

"Beautiful Vintner Series on each size with a touch of custom added in. It looks great! We very much appreciate all your help"

Our seven foot high Vintner Series is simply a three and four foot wine rack stacked together. We now have this option available to you to purchase as one full wine rack. We will send the stackable beam supports and the two racks to you if you purchase the seven foot option. Mixing and matching options is easy to do if you want to purchase a three and four foot wine rack in similar widths and stack them yourself. If multiple Vintner Series racks are ordered, we automatically send stackable beam supports so you are able to stack them yourself.

Add Extra Options
• Stylish Molding Packages
• Center Seam Trim
• Base Molding Packages
• Base Platforms

Add Bases to Elevate Your Racks & Crown & Base Molding - Customize Your Wine Racks - Add Center Seam Trim to hide two stacking racks - Put a Base Platform under - Add Crown and Base Molding for additional décor
How to Stack

Seven Foot Client Examples

Customer Testimonial:

"I purchased the Vintner series wine racks for a 6' x 13' x 7' wine cellar. The racks went together very easily and look great. They are very elegant looking. The first two words, of everyone who sees the cellar, are, 'Wow' and 'Awesome'. Thanks for making a terrific wine racking system. Very good looking and functional." - Al D.

If you have the room, stacking eight feet looks beautiful because the center seam is centered vertically between the wine racks. What we do is send two four foot wine racks that you put together following our assembly video and stack them on each other. Select the 8 foot option when you are purchasing your racks and we send you all the necessary stacking equipment.

Add Extra Options
• Stylish Molding Packages
• Center Seam Trim
• Base Molding Packages
• Base Platforms

If you wish to purchase a base to elevate your racks higher, or molding to attach to the ceiling you can get even higher.
How to Stack

Eight Foot Client Examples

Customer Testimonial:

"The installation was, for the most part, a simple project. I used a nail gun, and 18 gauge nails, to construct the racks. The entire construction (including base molding, crown molding, and center trim) took approximately 20 hours. The cooling system brought the cellar to proper temperature within 30 minutes since it is located in the basement of my heavy timber log home in Tennessee. Working with Guillermo was an outstanding experience. He made the design process an efficient and enjoyable experience for me. Outstanding customer service! " - Warren J.

Ready to add a ladder to your wine racking? If so, let's stack these wine racks all the way up to your high ceiling. Remember, the additional molding will take your racking height up almost a foot if you have a base on it. Take a look below at how these clients build their wine rooms.

Nine Foot Client Examples

Customer Testimonial:

"We recently decided to remodel a small area in our house that was used as a storage area. In addition to making a laundry room I wanted to make a wine cellar! The room is solid block, very insulated and the perfect place for wine. I went through a number of options and did some research and decided to purchase from Wine Cellar Innovations. I love that all of the specifications are on line and I downloaded different options to see what would work best. After four different drawings I settled on one. Ordering couldn't have been easier and setup with a nail gun puts it up quickly. I ordered from the Vintner series to get the width and height I wanted. I highly recommend buying from them." - Stacy S.


Vintner Wine Racking Styles


Individual Wine Bottle Storage

Racking Styles -  Individual Bottle Storage
Racking Styles - Bottom Stack - Individual Bottle Storage
Racking Styles - Top Stack -Individual Bottle Storage
Racking Styles - Bottom and Top Stack -Individual Bottle Storage
Racking Styles- Magnum Individual Bottle Storage
Racking Styles - 108 Table -Individual Bottle Storage
Racking Styles- Curved Corner -Individual Bottle Storage
Racking Styles - Concave -Individual Bottle Storage
Racking Styles - Waterfall -Individual Bottle Storage
Individual Bottle StorageIndividual Bottle Storage - bottom stackIndividual Bottle Storage - top stack
Individual Bottle Storage - top and bottom stackIndividual Bottle Storage - MagnumIndividual Bottle Storage - 108 Tasting Table
Individual Bottle Storage - Curved CornerIndividual Bottle Storage - ConcaveIndividual Bottle Storage - Waterfall

Bulk Storage

Individual Diamond Bin
Open Diamond Bin
Open Diamond Cube
Rectangular Bin 1 Column
Rectangular Bin 3 Columns
Open Vertical Display
Tasting Center
Solid Diamond Cube
Solid Diamond Bin
Bulk Storage - INDDIABulk Storage - Diamond BinBulk Storage - Open Diamond Cube
Bulk Storage - RECT1Bulk Storage - RECT3Bulk Storage - OVD
Bulk Storage - Tasting CenterBulk Storage - SDCBulk Storage - Solid Diamond Bin

Elite Cabinets

Pull Out Wine Bottle Cradle
Wood Plank Tabletop
Wood Plank Tabletop
Vintner Cable Cabinet
Vintner Acrylic Cabinet
Vintner Style - Pull Out Wine Bottle CradleVintner Style - Pull Out Wood CaseVintner Style - Rotating Wine Cradle
Wine Rack Style -Cable CabinetWine Rack Style - Acrylic Cabinet

Finish Options

Arch and Tabletop
Glass Rack and Tabletop
Glass Rack
Quarter Round Wine Display
Center Seam Trim
Crown Molding
Base Molding
Base Molding with Platform
Wine Rack Style - ArchWine Rack Style - GlassrackWine Rack Style - Glass Rackg
Wine Rack Style - Quart Round DisplayWine Rack Style - Center Seam TrimWine Rack Style - crown molding
Wine Rack Style - Base and Built-up Crown Molding - Quarter RoundWine Rack Style - Base Molding with PlatformWine Rack Style - Filler

Wood and Stain Options

Premium Redwood Unstained
Rustic Pine Unstained
Allheart Redwood Unstained
Grand Mahogany Unstained
Premium Redwood Light Stain
Allheart Redwood Classic Mahogany Stain
Premium Redwood Dark Walnut Stain
Premium Redwood Midnight Black Stain
Premium Redwood Graywash Stain
Premium Redwood UnstainedRustic Pine UnstainedAllheart Redwood Unstained
Grand Mahogany UnstainedPremium Redwood Light StainAllheart Redwood Classic Mahogany Stain
Premium Redwood Dark Walnut StainPremium Redwood Midnight Black StainPremium Redwood Graywash Stain


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