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Vintner Series Mahogany Wine Racks Sale - Full Depth & Modular Wine Racks


Vintner Series - Grand Mahogany Wine Rack Sale - 60% OFF!

LUMBER LIQUIDATION SALE COMING TO AN END! We have been able to extend our lumber liquidation sale for quite some time due to having great relationships with our lumber suppliers in the industry and locking down commitments to 100s of truckloads of lumber to us on a yearly basis. Unfortunately there was no commitment we could make that could hold back the tide on the escalating lumber prices.

Lumber pricing chart
The chart to the left (provided courtesy of trading gives you a glimpse into the current uncharted territory of spiking lumber prices. We locked in prices at the dip, but the last of those shipments are arriving this month and when they are gone so will be the lumber liquidation sale. So this is your heads up to buy now before these sales come to an end.


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