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8 Foot Vintner Series - Full Depth & Modular Wine Racks

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8 Foot Vintner Series
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Base Platforms

Our 8 Foot Vintner Wine Racks provide tons of bottle storage without eating up too much of your floor space. Since these are modular racking units, they are very flexible and just as good as a custom wine rack. By stacking and/or assembling them side-to-side, you can really maximize on bottle storage even in compact spaces in your home. In addition, you don't have to be pressured into engaging in a full-blown wine cellar project. You can start small with just one, two, or a few of these units and add more as your collection grows. Owing to the flexible configurations of the racks, it's a fairly easy and enjoyably task to mix and match them and come up with unique assemblies. Check out the various styles, bottle storage options, display wine racks, accessories and more available with our Vintner kits. Whether it's a basement wine cellar, a wine cellar closet, or an under stairwell transformation, Vintner has got you covered!