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Fusion Wine Wall - Straight (Recessed for LED Lights)

Panel Finish
Peg Finish
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Specs and Features

The Fusion Wine Wall Panel: The Latest in Modern Wall Wine Storage

The Fusion Wine Wall Panel is designed to reduce installation time and cost for large custom wine wall panels. The Label-Out Wine Wall Rack & Cork-Out Wine Wall Rack are two styles in this Fusion DIY wine wall panel line. The cork-out wine rack uses our brushed aluminum ST wine peg to secure bottles with the neck facing outward. The Fusion ST Cork Out Wine Rack maximizes your storage capacity, while our Fusion HZ Label Out Wine Rack showcases your labels. Choose from three faceplate finishes: Aluminum, Black Acrylic, Dark Stain.

Illuminate Your Wine Wall with Ease

The recessed faceplate option features a perfectly spaced area on the backside of the faceplate, which is made ready for LED lighting placement. If you're interested in adding LED lights to your display, choose the recessed option.

Bring Your Wines Out of the Cellar and into Your Home

Imagine displaying your wines in any room in your house. Fusion panels bring your wines out of the cellar and into your home, where everyone can admire them. You can choose any configuration of wall-mounted wine rack panels that you want, in any color or depth, to make your home an Ultra home. We offer Fusion Wine Wall Cork-Out panels with three faceplate finishes: Alumasteel, Black Acrylic, and Dark-Stained Wood. We also offer Fusion Wine Wall Label-Out panels with three different faceplates: Alumasteel, Black Acrylic, and Dark-Stained Wood.

  • Removable faceplates make installation easy and make it simple to change panel colors
  • No gap between panels; clean look
  • Available in one, two, and three-bottle-deep configurations; can hold anywhere from three to nine bottles
  • Iterative design allows for endless design possibilities
  • We've expanded our Fusion Panel product line to accommodate those enthusiasts who feel LED lighting is a "must-have" in their wine cellar design.


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