Corners, Curves, and Slanted Wine Racking


Curved and corner racking units can do absolute wonders with compact or uneven spaces. They can be utilized in unusual spaces that can be transformed into beautiful wine storage for one’s collection such as under stairwells, pantries, coat or shoe closets, and more. Vintner not only has the Individual Curved Corner units available, but also one with top display and another with bottom display option. Naturally, you also get a generous selection of wood, stain and finish options for these curved and corner racks to suit the style and theme of your custom wine cellar.

Vintner also carries a fine line of slanted wine racks that are so unique you will find it very surprising that these are not custom units at all. Our Concave Racks come in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, and 10-column individual configurations, as well as the Concave Curved Corner Individual unit. Not only do they provide lots of bottle storage, they also help create very unique silhouettes for your wine cellar.