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Tumbled Stone Liners & Edging

Tumbled Stone Liners & Edging Gallery
Dome Liner
Dome Liner
Available in Light Travertine and Botticino (not pictured). Approx 12" long x 1" tall contact us
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Dome Liner
Double Ogee Listel
Light Travertine Mosaic Liners
Dome Liner
Double Ogee Listel
Ligth Travertine Mosaic Liners
Noce Travertine Mosaic Liners
Rope Liner
Square Liner
Noce Travertine Mosaic Liners
Rope Liner
Square Edge Liner
Tumbled Liner
Tumbled Liner



  • Create stunning wall art & tabletops with a mural printed on natural stone.
  • Printed on Light and Noce Travertine as well as Tumbled Durango, and Botticino marble.
  • All of our images can be resized to custom fit your dimensional needs.
  • You can choose one of our stock wine art images or you can send us a favorite picture, postcard, fabric, even wallpaper, and we can transfer the image onto stone for you. If we can scan it or take a picture of it- we can use it!
  • Our wine cellar designers will format the image until it is exactly what you want.
  • You will have the opportunity to approve the design before it is printed on stone.
  • For scenes larger than 4ft x 8ft the client will need to install the tile onsite.
  • These tumbled stone murals & tabletops come sealed with a two-part epoxy and a matte finish.
  • Tabletop thickness is 1 3/16" - 1 1/4". The thickness is comprised of 3/4" plywood backer, 1/8" thin set and tumbled stone (varies in thickness from 5/16" to 3/8").
  • Tabletops come applied to backer and grouted.
tumbled stone tabletop
  • The average Lead Time for Tumbled Stone art is 4-6 weeks.
  • NOTE: Variations of shade and color are inherent in natural stone products. Certain types of stone tiles have naturally occurring holes or veins running through them. Your tumbled stone mural will have surface variations throughout the design. Your product may not be an exact duplicate of the sample images shown here due to these variations.
  • Please note that once all custom art pieces are finalized, they may not be returned.
Stone Types
Tumbled Stone Botticino stone sample
Tumbled Botticino

Tumbled Stone - Light Travertine stone sample
Unfilled, Tumbled Light Travertine
Tumbled Stone - Tumbled Durango stone sample
Tumbled Durango

Tumbled Stone - Noce Travertine - stone sample
Unfilled, Tumbled Noce Travertine


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