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Wine Cellar Wall Art

Wine Paintings / Murals

Make your wine cellar picture perfect with our customized hand painted wine wall art paintings or murals.

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Cellar ARt Paintings

Mosaic Art

Experience the ancient beauty of mosaic tile art. This wine cellar art form is often used in archways or glass rack openings. It can also be framed and/or used on table tops or as floor insets.


Cellar Wall Art Mosaics

Etched Mirrors

Enlarge the appearance of your wine cellar with a mirror. Each of our etched mirrors are custom designed and sand-blasted by hand.

Cellar Art Etched Mirrors

Tumbled Stone

Create a stunning wine art mural printed on natural stone for your custom wine cellar.

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Cellar Art Tumbled Stone Art

Stained Glass

Enhance the ambiance of your wine cellar with a colorful stained glass mural.

Cellar Art Stained Glass

Hand Painted Tiles

Choose from our collection of original wine artwork tile designs or create a customized piece. We love to create personalized wine wall art and this type is often used in an archway or glass rack opening, and can also be used on tabletops and flooring.

Cellar Art Hand Painted Tiles
Wine artwork can be a very subjective thing however decorating your beautiful new wine cellar can be incredibly fun and satisfying. Quite a lot of thought goes into the creation of your wine room but making sure you have the proper wine racks is part of it. Adding fun items to your custom wine cellar like cigar humidors, wine tables, case storage, and led lighting will add the overall beauty of the wine room. We can help you do it all, contact us today.