Wine Cellar Flooring

Wine cellar ceilings play a significant role when it comes to maintaining ideal storage conditions a wine cellar. This is a fact! Even with the right wine cooling system, it's also a must to make sure that other details in the structural make-up of your wine cellar measure up as well - like wine cellar ceilings. Also, you'll be surprised to learn that these ceilings can bring a lot of aesthetic value to your wine cellar. Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we have a healthy selection of custom ceilings to really add to your wine cellar's "wow" factor while keeping your collection in tip-top storage condition.


Cork Flooring
Enhance your wine cellar with the natural beauty of cork flooring. Cork is a natural and durable material that is harvested with minimal impact on the environment. Cork is a rapidly renewable resource.
Cork Flooring - TintoCork Flooring - ElsaCork Flooring - Cubis Melange
Cork Flooring - Symmetry NaturaCork Flooring - Symmetry GrisCork Flooring - Salon DulsaCork Flooring - Salon Alba


Mosaic Flooring
These Mosaic flooring pieces are created entirely by hand for custom wine cellars with a unique blend of antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain tiles. The artist breaks the materials into small pieces and artistically composes the pieces into a scene.
Mosaic Flooring - close-up