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Wine Cellar Flooring

Wine cellar ceilings play a significant role when it comes to maintaining ideal storage conditions a wine cellar. This is a fact! Even with the right wine cooling system, it's also a must to make sure that other details in the structural make-up of your wine cellar measure up as well - like wine cellar ceilings. Also, you'll be surprised to learn that these ceilings can bring a lot of aesthetic value to your wine cellar. Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we have a healthy selection of custom ceilings to really add to your wine cellar's "wow" factor while keeping your collection in tip-top storage condition.

Vintage Wine Barrel

Vintage Wine Barrel Cooperage Flooring

Reclaimed wood components from wine barrels give your custom wine cellar the feel of being right in the heart of wine country. With this custom hand-finished product, each piece is, in itself, a unique work of art, with no two planks exactly alike.

COOPERAGE is the outside portion of a wine barrelhead, and it has the distinct markings of each barrel, which identified its original contents. There are 2 "Cooperage" stamps per every 3 feet.

INFUSION refers to the inside pieces of wine barrel material. The aged barrels have the unique patina of the wine infused permanently into the wood and the tabletops have a dark burgundy color because they have been stained by wine. The Infusion pieces do not have the "cooperage" stamps on them.



Cork Flooring
Enhance your wine cellar with the natural beauty of cork flooring. Cork is a natural and durable material that is harvested with minimal impact on the environment. Cork is a rapidly renewable resource.
Cork Flooring - TintoCork Flooring - ElsaCork Flooring - Cubis Melange
Cork Flooring - Symmetry NaturaCork Flooring - Symmetry GrisCork Flooring - Salon DulsaCork Flooring - Salon Alba


Mosaic Flooring
These Mosaic flooring pieces are created entirely by hand for custom wine cellars with a unique blend of antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain tiles. The artist breaks the materials into small pieces and artistically composes the pieces into a scene.
Mosaic Flooring - close-up

Hand Painted Tile

Hand Painted Tile Flooring
These artistic creations are completely hand painted and designed around the customer's taste. Choose from our collection of original tile designs or create a customized piece by providing us with your own image ideas.
Tile Flooring - sample
Tile Sample