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Wine Cabinets & Wine Rack Furniture

No longer is space an issue in your home or commercial wine store. Wine Cellar Innovations has been designing custom wine cellars and wine rooms for over 32 years, and we have finally answered a common request. Many homeowners these days are not interested in overhauling or adding an entire room to properly store and display their wine, but want us to still create an option for them.

New and improved in 2018! Find out more details about our Wine Sentinel Cabinets, including price and options. Below, view more specific examples from happy customers. Refrigerated wine cabinets are quiet and are an attractive addition to your home. Creating wine rack furniture for your living or dining room is a solid choice in your interior design. The following selections are examples of our beautiful custom created Wine Sentinel refrigerated wine cabinets. They are fully customizable, as you can see, with complete package pricing starting out at $8,344.90. Interested in a custom built cabinet? Receive a free design today.

Custom Wine Cabinet with Quarter Round Displays

Sentinel Refrigerated Wine Cabinet
If you can't have a formal wine room, then you certainly can have a gorgeous custom wine cabinet. Compact yet spacious, it can offer a great amount of bottle storage for your collection. This model is built with racking for individual and bulk bottle storage, as well as Quarter Round Displays to showcase your glassware and other wine cellar accessories.

Custom-Built Wine Cabinets for Any Space

Sentinel Refrigerated Wine Cabinet Wall
The best thing about custom wine cabinets is that you can have them built to match any space. If you have that big, empty stretch of wall space, it can be easily transformed into the perfect storage for your collection. This custom unit can accommodate not just standard-sized bottles, but magnums and other larger-format bottles as well. Glass doors and wood paneled cabinet doors created in Knotty Alder wood add elegant touches to the entire set-up.

Wine Cabinet with Classy French-Door Entry

Sentinel Refrigerated Wine Cabinet with Stone Surround
With wine cabinets, there are so many elements that you can customize, not just the wine racks. Check out this particular design and see how much more elegant it looks with the classy French-door option. These doors are equipped with proper insulation values and weather-stripping. You can also have tinted windows order to minimize light exposure to protect your bottles.

Glass-Enclosed Corner Wine Cabinet With Metal Racking

Sentinel Refrigerated Wine Cabinet with full Glass Doors
Glass and metal are an infallible combo. As far as custom wine cabinets are concerned, they are definitely materials you should work with. This model sports beautiful glass panels that showcase the wine bottles to full advantage. The Vintage View Metal Wine Racks provide tons of bottle storage in a safe and stylish fashion. This corner wine cabinet stretches out in several panels at this elegant restaurant and sets at elegant tone.

Painted Wine Sentinel Doors

Sentinel Refrigerated Wine Cabinet with Whitewash Finish
This beautiful Wine Sentinel custom wine cabinet had exterior unfinished Premium Redwood doors sent which were then primed and painted on site. The cream colored doors look beautiful next to the Premium Redwood wine racks inside. The racking is stained with Dark Walnut to get that wonderful dark color there. Oil rubbed bronze hardware was requested for the doors which make it shine. The point of wine cabinets are to have refrigeration tied in and as you can see, the vents above are making this project work out wonderfully. With individual racking above and case storage below, this wine cabinet has been created as beautiful wine rack furniture.

Stained Wine Cabinet with Custom Lighting

Sentinel Refrigerated Wine Cabinet
Achieve a truly built-in look for your wine cabinet with custom stain and finish options. Just like this eye-catching creation, you can design your wine cabinet to match the existing decor of your home and/or other furniture. Have your wine cabinet either blend in or stand out by accentuating the natural colors and grain patterns of your wood choice. Then finish it off with custom lighting elements that will really showcase your collection to the fullest.

Wine Cabinet with Versatile Racking Styles

Sentinel Refrigerated Wine Cabinet with Dark Walnut Stain
Who says you can't have variety in your wine racks with a wine cabinet? Check out this classic wine cabinet which was built to accommodate bottles in different formats. There are several racking styles incorporated here, such as Individual Bottle Columns, High Reveals, and Magnum Wine Racks. You can certainly design your own and throw in even more styles such as Open Diamond Bins and shelving for bulk bottle storage. You can even request for glassware storage as well.

Compact Glass-Enclosed Wine Cabinet with LED Lighting

Sentinel Refrigerated Wine Cabinet with Full Glass Doors
For smaller collections and those with relatively tighter spaces, compact wine cabinets offer a wonderful solution. Here we have an all-glass door creation with a front vent unit and custom LED lighting installed around the interior of the doorway. The racking units are a simple combination of Individual Bottle Columns and fixed shelving to accommodate both individual and bulk bottle storage. While compact, this wine cabinet is very functional and space-efficient.

Close Up View of a Beautiful Shallow Depth Unit

Sentinel Shallow Depth Refrigerated Wine Cabinet
Sentinel Shallow Depth Refrigerated Wine Cabinet
Sentinel Shallow Depth Refrigerated Wine CabinetSentinel Shallow Depth Refrigerated Wine Cabinet
Shallow Depth Refrigerated Unit with front vent unit.


Le Cache Wine Cabinets

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