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Ultra - HZ Wine Peg

Pegs sold as set of 2 pegs
HZ Pegs
Knurled Insert may be required for installation. Knurled Inserts available for purchase here
M6 and M10 ThreadsM6 and M10 Knurled Insert
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Specifications & Assembly Manuals

  • Single deep: Two (2) wine pins to support one (1) bottle of wine
    Double deep: Two (2) wine pins to support two (2) bottles of wine
    Triple deep: Two (2) wine pins to support three (3) bottles of wine
  • Colors: chrome, black, and brushed aluminum
  • Knurled inserts available for purchase
  • Easy install
  • dimensions: 4.30 x 0.48 in


Wine pegs are one of the most space-efficient ways to store your wine bottles. They can be mounted anywhere and especially in areas where you can showcase your wine bottles prominently. You can say that they are one of the best ways to showcase one's prized collection. The Ultra HZ Pegs take things a couple of notches higher. Apart from being space-efficient, the pegs are also super stylish. Choose from either black, brushed aluminum, or chrome finish to bring either a contemporary charm or traditional elegance to your wine room.

It should be noted that these pegs hold bottles in a horizontal, label-out configuration. This is very convenient particularly for organization purposes as it allows you to see the labels of your bottles without having to remove or replace them. The pegs also come in single, double, and triple deep configurations. Accessories include Knurled Inserts which must be purchased separately. The inserts are recommended if you plan to install the pegs on wooden panels.