Ultra Wall Mounted Metal Wine Racks

Ultra Metal Wine Racks

Traditional wood racking has been the bread and butter of the wine cellar industry for many years. But as times change, so do wine cellar themes which have gradually taken on a more modern style. This gave rise to a noticeable decor shift from traditional wood racking to contemporary metal racking systems. Metal wine racks rapidly grew in popularity and naturally, the demand for more modern racking designs grew as well. This is why WCI has addressed this demand with the launch of our Modern Wine Cellar series. Apart from our own products, we have also taken to marketing top quality wine racks that can deliver the contemporary vibe. This is why the Ultra Wine Racks have now become part of the WCI modern racking catalogue..
The collection is comprised of several uniquely crafted racking styles that will really bring a lot of character to any wine cellar project. You have the Ultra Horizontal Series which offers display appeal and maximum storage capacity. Then there's the Ultra Straight Peg with its endless design configurations. This is a racking unit that can be utilized virtually anywhere to create proper storage for your wine bottles. You can even install it inside or underneath cabinets, over countertops, or on any wall. The collection further offers a floating display system! Another one to check out is the Ultra Cradle Series with its earthquake-resistant racking units. The cradle display system allows wine labels to be viewed at an optimal angle. Lastly, there's also the Ultra Floor To Ceiling racks. This is one of the best ways to achieve an elegant bottle showcase while maximizing storage capacity. The racks can be used anywhere: home cellars, restaurants, bars, country clubs, and more.