STACT Aluminum Wall Mounted Wine Racks

Wall wine racks are definitely one of the most space-efficient racking systems one can have in a wine cellar. The STACT wine racks even take it to another level since they are designed with a contemporary charm and can be customized. The racking units are incredibly customizable and expandable to fit your walls the way that you want. That's why you can install them anywhere, even in the kitchen or the living area. They can also double as decorative elements in your home thanks to the various ways you can dress them up. Choose from 10 elegant finishes including walnut, white oak, zebra wood, gray oak, piano black, pure white, electric orange, gunmetal gray, blackout, and citrus green.
So what are the STACT wine racks made of? Each panel is crafted to exacting specifications and pre-installed with anchors for a secure mount to the tailored wall brackets. The units feature Aluminum Bottle Supports. These are engineered for maximum wine bottle storage capacity, precision machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized for a clean elegant finish. Each STACT kit comfortably holds 9 bottles, but will carry 12 when arranged side-by-side.
How do you install the STACT racks? Can the panels work with any wine bottle? They certainly can! The units are secured by wall brackets. This is the backbone of the STACT wine rack system, designed to securely connect to each other and attach directly to the wall. Panels are hung from the wall brackets. You do not need any tools for installation, just simply slip them into position. Moreover, measuring and installing the brackets is easy, offering maximum stability with minimal labor.