Revue Riddling Series

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Modern & Tranquil, the Revue Wine Rack line adds beauty and serenity with wall mounted wine racks holding your wine bottles securely. Showing off the labels to your favorite wines while maximizing space. Riddling is an age old technique. It involves tilting the neck of the bottle down and rotating it in small increments. As the angle of tilt increases, gravity forces the sediments into the neck. This process was developed by Madame Clicquot (Veuve Clicquot) in the early 1800s and helps remove the cloudiness from the bottle, leaving you with a crisp wine.

Revue Riddling Wall Series
Wall Mounted
Revue Riddling Metal Wall Wine Rack single deep 3ft wall wine rack
3Ft Riddling

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single deep 4ft wall wine rack
4Ft Riddling

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