Wall Wine Rack Series Debuting on Real Housewives of Atlanta

[Cincinnati, OH], January 18, 2018 - One of the most important factors Wine Cellar Innovations considers when developing new wine racking products is space-efficiency. It's right up there with functionality and style. Not everyone will have the right kind of space for a formal wine cellar project. So providing wine racking units that can address all types of wine storage needs has always been one of WCI's major goals. This is definitely the inspiration for the Wall Wine Racks collection. These small but highly functional units were created in a classic riddling rack standard. As they are wall-mounted, they can go into almost any available wall space in the home. There's no need to stress about having a proper wine room because the Wall Wine Racks make bottle storage possible anywhere in one's home.

Wall Wine Racks

The practical configurations of the units will allow one to just insert the wine bottles by the neck into the available slot. The bottle comes out perpendicular to the rack but is securely supported from the inside with special notches. As an added bonus, the racking style is such that the bottle labels are visible due to the body of the bottle sticking out. This makes it more convenient to organize one's collection which is not possible with a neck forward design. The racks are made from Premium Redwood with a variety of stain and finish options available, including lacquer and WCI's latest Whitewash and Opaque White stains. Space-efficiency is definitely taken to another level with the Wall Wine Rack Series.

Wall Wine Racks

To see more of these wine racks,  watch the Real Housewives of Atlanta in the Spring of 2018. Created in Premium Redwood with a custom Dark Weathered stain, these racks will be installed in an elegant wine cellar in the home of Shereé Whitfield.

"We were thrilled to be able to help Shereé in transforming her available wine storage space, " said Tony Wilke, VP of Operations, Wine Cellar Innovations. "In selecting our new Wall Wine Rack series, she will transform her basement into an attractive, space-saving wine cellar." In the remodeling process, Shereé will also be adding a theater, sauna, and spa in addition to her new wine cellar. 

Find more information about the Wall Wine Rack Series on WineCellarInnovations.com. Send in dimensions and receive a free design and go over options with our Design Consultants.

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