Revue Interlock Wine Racking Series - 2021

Revue Wine RacksWCI Wooden Wine Racks are Proudly Made In the USA - Made in America

The Revue Series is a fairly new addition to the WCI catalog, but its popularity exploded in just a short span of time. This product is proudly made in USA and is second to none in both form and function. The inspiration for the series is from the French word "revue" that related to a form of theatrical entertainment. This was heavily popular in the early 1900's and was famous for visual spectacles or parades. That being said, the objective of the Revue Series is to bring visual delight in wine storage by displaying one's collection in a show-stopping way. These wall-mount or floor to ceiling mount, metal racks are manufactured with high grade materials ensuring their quality. Moreover, their elegant, well-crafted design make them second to none in terms of style. Recently, the brand introduced another addition to its repertoire: the Revue Interlock Series.

Revue Interlock AluminumRevue Interlock WoodRevue Interlock Aluminum with Wood
The Interlock Series is a groundbreaking collection. It is comprised of three different yet equally outstanding racking styles: the Interlock Aluminum, Interlock Mahogany, and Interlock Aluminum with Wood. All racks are designed to showcase one's wine bottles in a label-forward configuration. That makes for easier organization, apart from the eye-catching layout. This storage system makes it convenient to remove or replace the bottles. The units from the Interlock Series are very versatile. They can be stacked to as high as 10 feet. Moreover, they come in single, double, and triple deep configurations. This means that you can expand your bottle storage capacity even in a tight space. Now how about the assembly and installation process? The Interlock Series also have those details covered. They can be installed on almost any surface, including drywall, brick, concrete, or stucco. You just need to select appropriate fasteners depending on the surface you will mount the racks on. Whether you want a traditional or modern look for your wine storage, the Interlock Series can give you what you want and more. Note that there are multiple stain and finish options available as well for your designing pleasure!
3ft Revue Interlock4ft Revue Interlock4ft Revue Interlock

Revue Interlock Wood wine rack with Graywash stain

The racks are available now. Wine Cellar Innovations is currently accepting orders. For more information on the Revue Interlock Series, visit Wine Cellar Innovations’ website at or call 800.229.9813.

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