DOOR_SecretDoor_Open.jpgCINCINNATI—Jan. 10, 2006—It’s like a story straight out of James Bond. Wine Cellar Innovations is responding to increased demand for hidden doors that hide secret rooms with their new Hidden Vertical Display Door. The reasons vary, but all share one common factor: a homeowner with a space they want to discreetly limit access to, conveniently hidden beyond their wine cellar or wine storage area.

From the front, the hinged, swinging door looks like another vertical rack that identically matches the style, depth, wood species and/or stain of surrounding wine racks. Hinges are not visible, there is no handle, and it is flush with single-deep racking. The door opens when light pressure is applied, revealing whatever the client wants, from a private wine tasting room or storage for valuables or a safe, to a mechanical room or air handler system.

The vertical standard unit features 12 shelves with two bottles per shelf (24 total wine bottles). Outside jamb dimensions are 33”w x 83 ¼”h x 12 5/8” deep. The swinging door measures 29 1/8” w x 79 3/8”h x 4 5/8” deep. Custom sizes are also available. According to James Deckebach, Wine Cellar Innovations founder and owner:


We’ve always had occasional requests for our hidden doors, but demand has increased recently. As people learn that we’re the world's largest producer of custom wine cellars, they request more custom products. Adding these doors to our product line allows us to better serve our clients. There have been a variety of reasons people order these. One customer was hiding his gun range, another had a hidden room that dated back to the prohibition days, and some hide valuables behind the cellar in a separate room or safe.


Orders for this secret door follow custom racking lead times and can be installed by WCI’s professional installers.

For more information about Wine Cellar Innovation’s Hidden Vertical Display Door and other aesthetic masterpieces created through a perfect blend of architectural elements and artistic creations, visit their website at: or call 800-229-9813

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