Contemporary Wine Storage For Any Budget

[Cincinnati, OH], August 10, 2020 - Gone are the days of keeping wine in a dark, dusty vault. Storage is taking a more prominent place in modern homes these days. Wine Cellar Innovations designed a sleek floor-to-ceiling cable racking wine cellar that spirals from the basement floor up to the roof.

The key things that distinguish a more traditional cellar from a modern wine cellar are materials. Wine Cellar Innovations not only designs & manufactures wine cellars but we also specialize in custom contemporary wine cellar designs to complement modern homes and commercial establishments. Modern wine cellars, with proper refrigeration, keep your wine stored at the optimum temperature while accentuating the rest of your home. These innovative wine cellar designs incorporate clean lines, metal-framed glass, stainless steel, and acrylic; all reflective of a more updated and sleek look. Not only can we make your vision of a wine cellar a reality, but Heritage Vine has also forged the path towards a more compact, stylish wine wall application.

Our client DreamBuilt Homes LLC was definitely thinking out of the box when they asked our team to design the following wine cellar for one of their homes: the secret to achieving this whimsical, “floating” appearance is none other than our Acrylic Bottle Supports. These Acrylic Bottle Supports are one of the available options in our Modern Wine Cellar series. If you haven’t heard of this yet, then you’re in for a treat! Wine Cellar Innovations launched this series after observing the growing trend towards more contemporary wine cellar designs. We decided to bring it up a notch by offering the bottle supports in acrylic. Since acrylic is almost as transparent as glass, the effect is even more dramatic. The contemporary vibe is even more enhanced in this project with the use of black metal trim along with acrylic and glass. You might also be wondering how the client can reach the bottles given the insane floor-to-ceiling height of the racking assembly. Surprise, surprise! There’s actually an elevator at the bottom that allows the client to reach up to the highest bottle level.

Modern wine room aesthetic backed by plenty of heritage. Our innovative wine cellars take advantage of metal-framed glass and shallow wine walls where space is at a premium. Ideal for the modern-day homes and dining room niches, this modern look incorporates seamless function with unmatched elegance in design and implementation for wine storage. In the end, not only it’ll look uniquely out of the ordinary but will also add a huge wow factor for family and guests.friends gathering.


If you are looking for a high-end invisible wine cellar vibe, Wine Cellar Innovations has many options. Contact us for a free design and quote. For more information, please contact us at 1-800-229-9813

Modern Wine Storage