LED Lighting

LED_LightedLockerRack-175.jpgCINCINNATI-Feb. 7, 2007- Wine Cellar Innovations maintains its position on the cutting edge of wine cellar accessories by offering LED lighting as an option in its cellar applications. LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is less expensive than many other wine cellar lighting alternatives, lasts longer, and is easier to handle.

LED lighting is perfect for wine cellar applications. It generates very low heat and has a very low voltage, making it safe and easy to handle. This wine cellar lighting option is also resistant to vibration and humidity. Rather than burning out abruptly like incandescent lighting, LED wine cellar lighting dims gradually. This feature allows the focus to stay on the displayed wine bottles, rather than burnt-out bulbs.

This exciting new wine cellar lighting option is quoted on all projects that once required xenon lighting. LED lighting has a brightness rating of 100,000 hours, or nearly twelve years, as opposed to incandescent lighting, which has a rating of between 4,000 and 7,000 hours. LED wine cellar lighting does not include any fluorescent lighting.

Wine Cellar Innovations' LED lighting is uniquely constructed, making it easy to work with and extremely versatile. It is highly flexible and has a 3M peel-and-stick backing. It can be placed virtually anywhere. This construction makes it less obtrusive in the cellar, as well as reducing installation costs associated with other wine display lighting options.
For more information on this exciting new wine cellar lighting option and Wine Cellar Innovations' additional products, visit their website at www.winecellarinnovations.com or call 800.229.9813. Photos available upon request.

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