Individual Bottle Bins

indiv-bottle-bin-thumb.jpgCincinnati - January 15, 2009 - Wine Cellar Innovations announces the availability of Individual Bottle Bin wine storage. This versatile storage option allows customers to store various wine bottle sizes within one wine rack. Two bin sizes are available, medium and large. Each medium bin is able to hold two 750 ml bottles, one champagne bottle, one magnum bottle, or one wine boxed bottle. Large bins can accommodate imperial and jeroboam bottles as well as multiple smaller bottles. Previously, one column of custom wine racking was designed to hold one type of bottle top to bottom.

“By creating the bin concept, we came up with a rack that offers more flexibility to our customers,” said Tony Wilke, Vice President of Operations for Wine Cellar Innovations. “Instead of having a dedicated column that can only hold magnums, for example, they can use the bins to also hold other size wine and champagne bottles in addition to magnums.”

At this time, the medium and large Individual Bottle Bins are offered in custom cellar designs and the medium version is available in the Vintner Series product line. It is available in all of Wine Cellar Innovations’ wood types, stains, and finishes. Lead time follows standard custom racking lead times. Early feedback on the racks has been extremely positive.

Zachary Green, who purchased his custom wine cellar from Wine Cellar Innovations, recently added the medium Individual Bottle Bins to his existing wine racks.

“They look better than even I thought.  They are also very versatile.  I can store a 3L, 1.5L, two 750, 6 dessert wine bottles, and vintage champagnes in their boxes in each of the sections,” said Green.

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Wine Cellar Innovations is the industry leader in the design and production of custom wine racks and wine cellars and has been for over 20 years.  The company is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and employs design consultants all over the country to provide customers with local service and exceptional quality.  Their wine racks have been purchased and installed worldwide.

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