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Materials-Catalog_Page_01.jpgCincinnati—October 29, 2008—Wine Cellar Innovations now offers a materials catalog, featuring 12 of the company’s most popular wood choices shown with different stains and finishes. The catalog also includes information on environmentally friendly wine cellars and other specialty products offered by Wine Cellar Innovations. This 24-page catalog allows customers to examine potential woods, stains, and finishes for their custom wine cellar without dealing with cumbersome wood samples. Customers may request the catalog via Wine Cellar Innovations’ website or toll-free number, as well as through any of Wine Cellar Innovations’ design consultants across the country. It is also available in an online PDF version. More details on Wine Cellar Innovations’ wood types and finish options can also be found online here :

“We put a lot of time into selecting the samples for the catalog to bring the true color, texture, and finish to our customers. We hope that it’s useful to our customers as they research material options for their custom wine cellar,” said Tony Wilke, Vice President of Operations for Wine Cellar Innovations.

The catalog also examines wood grains and physical properties of those woods commonly used in wine cellars. Common wood and racking terminology are also included, as well as photos of Wine Cellar Innovations’ newest stains, including a whitewash and a weathered finish.

“The idea was to present our customers with a wide variety of wood options for their wine cellar in an easy to read and educational format,” said Jim Deckebach, owner of Wine Cellar Innovations. 

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Wine Cellar Innovations is the industry leader in the design and production of custom wine racks and wine cellars and has been for over 20 years.  The company is located in Cincinnati, Ohio and employs design consultants all over the country to provide customers with local service and exceptional quality.  Their wine racks have been purchased and installed worldwide.

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