Custom Wine Cellar Consultation Process

Seven Steps To Satisfaction

  1. Custom Wine Cellar Consultation

    step1Rely on the most experienced custom wine cellar sales force in the industry with over 150 years of combined wine cellar experience and 150 + years of prior background experience in each the construction, interior design or wine/liquor industries. There are NO details concerning ANY facet of your project that Wine Cellar Innovations has yet to experience. Allow true wine cellar consultation professionals to take the hassle out of your project, leaving you with the most pleasant room in your home.

  2. Custom Wine Cellar Design

    step2Our custom wine cellar design department works closely with the sales department to create the highest detail of your wine cellar to exacting standards. Our team consists of 20 custom wine cellar designers, who are sure to create your perfect wine cellar design. Architectural Design Services are also available for those seeking to integrate architectural elements such as stone or advanced paneling work, into their custom wine cellar.

  3. Review Process

    step3Your professional wine cellar consultant will spend the time required to review your custom wine cellar design and related room specification details. This review is to ensure that your design meets YOUR expectations and will be modified accordingly. This review also allows our wine cellar consultant to be introduced to everything involved in the wine cellar project so no details are forgotten. Contrary to popular belief, a wine cellar is not just racking. Wine Cellar Innovations will work out all the mechanical and logistical requirements involved in your wine cellar room construction.

  4. Sign-Off & Deposit

    step4No wine cellar project is placed into manufacturing without the customer's returned, signed Custom Sign Off Sheet. This sheet is very similar to any construction contract which details your wine cellar project. Once you've initialed, dated, and returned this contract, your project is "official". Your professional wine cellar consultant will review this Custom Sign Off Sheet with you to confirm your wine racking styles, room dimensions, wood species, stain & finish options, wine cooling options, cellar art pieces, etc.

  5. Wine Cellar Manufacturing

    step5Now that your wine cellar project is signed off, it's time for manufacturing. Our dedicated staff of designers and pre-production staff convert the same wine cellar designs you were presented into shop drawings. Manufacturing is a perfect blend of quality craftsmanship and computerized manufacturing. Multiple inspections along the process and stringent shipping standards mean that your products will arrive in pristine condition.

  6. Wine Cellar Installation

    step6Installation of your wine cellar is often the most overlooked facet of the project. Do I hire a competent handyman who has never installed this product before or accept the proposal to allow Wine Cellar Innovations' experienced team of full- time racking installers handle the project? Don't leave it to the amateurs, there is a difference! Our typical installations take about a week once product has been plumbed, leveled, face sanded, nail holes filled and sanded. Your custom wine cellar is cleaned to your standards before we leave.

  7. Stock Your Wine Cellar

    step7Once your custom wine cellar is completed, it's your turn to begin to fill it up, and empty it! Wine Cellar Innovations also offers the most extensive wine inventory management equipment in the market today so you can always keep track of your wine inventory. Enjoy your investment in the world's largest, most experienced and most professional wine cellar company in the world.