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WineZone Wine Shelf System


What makes the WineZone Wine Shelf System Unique?

This system is groundbreaking in the versatility it offers to both residential and commercial clients looking to store their wines. It is a blend of art and sophistication limited only by the imagination as to how to best utilize it in your space.

Let’s start with the shelf itself. Each shelf is 48” wide x 12” deep. The shelf is designed so that when installed in one direction the labels are facing out. When the shelf is flipped over then the neck or punt of the wine bottle can face out. With either orientation you can store a case (12 bottles) of Splits/Bordeaux/Burgundy/Small or Large Champagne bottles.

You can change the shelf out at any time by simply removing the bottles and flipping it over.


    Labels facing out: 

    OR have the neck of the bottle facing out: 


In addition to the Metal Shelving you can also integrate a black melamine shelf for other merchandising or storage options. You can use the shelf for a variety of options such as:

  • Glassware
  • Liquor
  • Olive Oil
  • Gift Baskets
  • Decanters
  • Case Storage 

You can also use the shelf as a table top option with a second shelf with glass rack attachment above to be utilized as a tasting station.  


The color of the shelving lends itself to blend perfectly with our Midnight Black Stain.  Whether you are trying to blend residential kits or Commercial Display Racks with the shelving.  


So in addition to the metal shelves being able to be reversed and the ability to add wood shelving for other merchandising, you can also adjust the centerline of the shelves themselves.  We recommend the shelves to be installed at 5” centerline for ease of putting bottles in and pulling them out if you want to store label side out.  You can go with a tighter 4” centerline if you want to maximize storage.

You can increase that opening further for the wood shelves depending on the height of the items you wish to store.  And as your storage and merchandising needs change, so can the shelving!You can get a very complex look, by using these simple components.


You can get a very complex look, by using these simple components. 




You begin the installation process by attaching the posts to the wall. They are sent in 4 foot lengths and you install them 12” on center up the wall, based on the beginning you are looking for the shelves to start at. For example in food preparation areas your local code might require a 6” clearance off the floor for cleaning under and you can start the posts and standards accordingly to accommodate that.You might want to store cases on the floor and have the shelves start above the stacked cases, which you can also do. You will attach the posts to the wall and secure to your studs 16” horizontally on center. The posts are located 12” apart vertically to line up with the holes on the standards.

You install the standards perpendicular to the posts on the wall. The holes on the standards are pre-drilled. Refer to the instruction manual for further clarification of distance to install these apart.

Once the standards are installed then you install the brackets based on your desired shelf locations. The brackets attach into the slots, which are 1” on center. The brackets hook into place and you can install either the metal wine shelf of wood shelf using the same brackets. 
You can also add signage to the Wine Shelf to either keep track of your wine inventory or merchandise the product for sale at your location. The tag wraps around the front edge of the shelf and snaps shut. Then a label can be slid into place identifying the wine in that location.
 When it comes to corners, the best way to maximize your space is to stop one set of shelves 13 ½” from the end wall and insert the other set of shelving all the way into the corner space.

winezone-image12.jpg  winezone-image13.jpg winezone-image14.jpg winezone-image15.jpg





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