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In Home Living for Example Wine Racks

Project #240454

Trimmed the wine rack to fit this space and painted it.
- Mike


Project #238624 - Premium Redwood, Midnight Black stain, Factory Seconds

Here's the install in the dining room.

- Nick


Project #248473 – Premium Redwood, Dark Walnut Stain


 Enjoy this Curvy Cube setup with multiple racks with platforms along with a glass hanging rack.

Perfect for the dining room of your home!



Project#241551 - Rustic Pine, light stain

"We are very much appreciating our Curvy Wine Cubes and Stackable Wine Racks.  We did something fairly unique with them.  We made it into a window seat in our kitchen.  The packaging was well and it took little time and effort to put the cubes together." Tami K.



Project#249136 - Premium Redwood, unstained




Project #246681 - Designer Series, 3 Column, Premium Redwood with Light Stain




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