Finding Ideas for the Best Wine Recipes, Wine Games & Movies, and Wine Tasting Parties


Finding the Best Wine for Parties

  1. Lip-smacking Sauvignon Blanc
  2. Refreshing Rose
  3. Robust Reds

We often hear talk about the best wines to be served at parties. What's usually best is whatever you enjoy drinking!
We go through a few examples on our wine recipes page. Enjoy!


Great Movies About Wine & Fun Wine Games to Play

Sometimes it's great to unwind at home and relax with a glass of wine. What if you want to incorporate wine into your movies and games?


Some other fun questions we would love to start answering are:

How do you remove a wine stain from clothes? Staining your clothes is no fun but we have a guide on how to remove wine and other stains from clothes.

Can you keep wine outside? 

Can wine be stored in sunlight? 

Does sunlight hurt wine? 

Can you bring your own wine to a wine party? 

What is the largest bottle of wine called?