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Elegant Custom Crown Molding

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Complete Your Wine Cellar With Custom Moldings

Just how important are wine cellar moldings in a wine cellar project? The role they play is pretty significant. These custom moldings will really help complete your racking arrangement and give it a seamless and professional look. This is because they help blend in any gaps between the wine racks, the ceiling, and the flooring. By using custom moldings, you will be able to give your wine racks a very professional appearance. Your racking assembly will also sport that built-in look, especially if you make sure that the wood, stain and finish options are consistent between the racks and moldings.

Grapevine Crown  Grande Profile Crown  OG Profile Crown

Crown Moldings & Base Moldings

Crown and base moldings come highly recommended when you are putting together a wine racking assembly. These moldings are just what you need to pull your racking units together and give them a truly finished look. The crown molding will ensure that your wood wine racks will meet the ceiling above them by disguising any gaps between the racks and the ceiling. This helps create a smooth transition in your racking assembly. On the other hand, the base moldings can accomplish a similar purpose between your racks and the flooring. Moreover, they are a great way to camouflage your base platforms that serve to elevate the racking units.

Molding  Beaded w/ JD Profile Crown  Base & Toe Kick

Create Floor to Ceiling Built In Wine Storage With Center Trim

A built-in look to your wine racking assembly is definitely ideal. With the right wood, stain and finish options, it's easy to customize your wine racks so that they will mesh with the other elements of the wine cellar project. If it's a closet or under stairwell transformation, you also have to make sure that the materials used will be in sync with the existing decor. Stacking wine racks to maximize spaces like these is pretty much a common practice, but the help of a center trim seam will make the transition more seamless. The racks will take on a more built-in look and any awkward gaps between varying racking styles will be sufficiently covered. Please contact us for a free quote.


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