Temperature and Humidity for Kids: Experiments, Videos, and More!

Updated by Jim Deckebach

Weather is something that we think about every day. It affects what we wear, what we do, and even how we feel. Two important parts of the weather are temperature and humidity. Temperature is how warm or cold something is. Water turns into ice at 32 degrees Fahrenheit and boils at 212 degrees. The average human body temperature is around 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity is the amount of moisture that is in that air. You may have noticed after a hot shower or bath that the mirror in your bathroom gets foggy. This is from the moisture, or humidity, in the air.

Although the humidity level in the air does not change the actual temperature, it can change how hot or cold it feels outside. Typically, the closer to a body of water you are, the higher the humidity levels will be. The same temperature of 90 degrees will feel very different at the beach than in the desert, and this is because of the difference in humidity. The temperature outside can be affected by how high a location is above sea level, how much wind there is, and how much of the sun's rays are directly shining on a place.

Understanding temperature includes learning how to read a thermometer and what clothing and activities are appropriate for different weather. You should always look at the temperature outside when you decide what to wear. If you know the humidity level, you can better prepare for possible rain or know that it may feel hotter or cooler than the temperature shows it to be. Throughout the seasons, both temperature and humidity will vary significantly in most areas of the world. They can both change drastically from one day to the next or even within the same day.

Weather is not the only way temperature plays a role in our lives. We use heat for cooking our food and taking a warm bath, and the cold temperatures in a freezer or refrigerator give us a safe way to store food. Ice allows us to drink a cold glass of water on a hot day. We heat our houses in the winter to stay cozy and warm, and we cool our homes in the summer to get relief from the outside heat. Temperature and heat are not exactly the same things, though. They are closely related, but heat is the energy that makes the measurement of temperature go up or down. The more heat there is, the higher the temperature will be. Many things affect temperature, and there are many fun ways to learn all about them!


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