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Platinum Custom Bulk Storage

Platinum Bulk Storage

Bulk wine storage wine racks allow you to utilize your space more efficiently. Wine bottles are typically stored horizontally in a bin or cube. Wooden wine case storage is also available.

Platinum Custom Series Bulk Storage
Bulk Wood Case Storage
Adjustable Wine Shelves
Pull Out Wine Shelving for Wood Cases
cardboard case storage woth fixed shelves
rectangular open wine bins with fixed shelves
Bulk storage is so handy to have in your wine cellar when you purchase a case of wine and want to keep it in the box. It's an excellent addition to your entire wine room, as well as any wine rack furniture. Many times a wooden wine shelf can be helpful for commercial wine stores to enhance their wine sales as well. Bulk storage is excellent when you are wanting to fill up an entire wall, or maybe even below a wine cabinet. Coming up with the strategies to design your wine room the way you want might be a little more difficult. The tricky part always ends up being the corners, so if you are looking for angled wine racks, we can help you figure all that out with a free design. Whatever your needs may be, please let us help you acquire a wine rack for your personal or commercial use.
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