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Contemporary & Modern Wine Cellars

Modern Wine Cellar Series

Modern Wine Cellar Cable Racking Series with Premium Redwood
Modern Wine Cellar Cable Racking Series with Midnight Black Stain
Modern Wine Cellar Cable Racking Series with Acrylic - Anemos in Astoria 312226
Modern Cable Racking Unstained Modern Cable Racking Midnight Black Stain Modern Cable Racking Acrylic
Our beautiful new Modern Wine Cellar Series brings a new design to customers looking for a high end and modern look for their new wine room. You can create a number of different looks with a variety of platforms to choose from.

Select from a variety of woods, stains, and finishes to personalized the floating platforms. If you want the appearance of floating on air, our acrylic glass bottle supports are another option. Learn more about our Modern Wine Cellar Series.

Contemporary Cable Wine Racking System

Cable Wine Racking System
Cable Wine Racking System
Cable Wine Racking System
Modern Cable Racking Modern Cable Racking Modern Cable Racking
If you are looking for a minimalistic way to show off your cellar, Cable Wine Racking might be for you. A cable wine system made out of stainless steel is perfect for high humidity environments as you don't have to worry about it rusting out. These strong cables are attached to wood panels above and below for strong security for your wine. The wood panels can be created in a variety of woods, stains and lacquer. Or create a blended stain to go with the theme of your home. Incredibly sophisticated, this cable system is made from high end components which will be a stunning presentation for anyone who enters your home or wine business.

Steel Rod and Wood Wine Cellar Series

Steel Rod with Wood
Steel Rod with Wood
Steel Rod with Wood
Steel Rod with Wood Metal Rod with Wood Metal Rod with Wood
Combining wood and steel wine racks is the latest trend in modern wine cellars which is why it's such a popular idea for our clients. We love this example that was recently installed in North Carolina with elegant stainless steel rods, married to the beautiful Grand Mahogany. Custom tailor this type of design with any wood and stain combination and the design possibilities are unlimited.

Invisible Wine Rack Series

Acrylic Wall Wine Racking Series
Acrylic Wall Wine Racking Series
Acrylic Wall Wine Racking Series
Modern Cable Racking Midnight Black Stain Modern Cable Racking Allheart Redwood Modern Cable Racking Acrylic
Get an invisible acrylic wine rack to let your wine bottles float in the air. This Invisible Wine Cellar Series takes large sections and parses them out like a riddling wine rack concept where neck holders give the elegant appearance of floating wine bottles. Each wine bottle is securely held via the specialized wine slots but provides a high end modern feel to your wine room.

With a glass wine wall and acrylic back racking, customers love the sparse, uncluttered, and elegant view these wine rooms bring to your living areas. Please contact us for a free design so we can achieve the invisible wine cellar surface you are looking for.

Acrylic Cube Series

Acrylic Cube Racking Series
Acrylic Cube Racking Series
Acrylic Cube Racking Series
Acrylic Cube Racking Acrylic Cube Racking Acrylic Cube Racking
Created from our popular Acrylic Cube series, this custom creation turns your wine room into a clear minimalist modern beauty alternating concave and convex racking systems. From small cellars, to large wine rooms, you can purchase these racks to create a unique, contemporary, and modern wine storage. These racks ship completely assembled so you can pull them out of the box and place them where they need to go. They also interlock both side to side and top to bottom, which makes it easy to create full racking from floor to ceiling on any of your walls. The acrylic provides a "see-through" experience that allows the wine bottle appearance to be floating on air.

Learn more and buy now.

Label Forward Wine Storage

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks - Khuene
modern-vintage-view-wood-mix - 254984
Vintage View Metal Wine Racks - 278993
Vintage View Metal Wine Racks Vintage View Metal Wine Racks Vintage View Metal Wine Racks
Wall mounted VintageView wine racks can create an exceptional look in your wine room, especially surrounded by glass walls. Display these metal racks from floor to ceiling in a frame where you can decide if you want single, double, or even triple deep for wine storage. The pictures above show off a few different configurations with modern glass walls to enclose the room for refrigeration and humidification reasons.

With modern architecture, using materials of metal and glass really reflect back to all these new technologies of construction. With these new materials, it really pushed different styles away from neoclassical European and American architecture. Be sure to visit our photo gallery for more examples of these exciting modern designs and let us help you design something eclectic that's the perfect fit for your style.

Glass Wine Cube

Vizcaya Glass Enclosed Wine Room
The elegant glass wine cube was installed in an apartment building in Florida, with many other cube variations being added over the years across the country. From floor to ceiling, this entire cube is made from glass panels with metal wine racking suspended inside. This eye-catching focal point amazes visitors as they wander around viewing the wine bottles inside.

These glass wine cellars are made with specific 1/2" thick glass that is created especially to secure your wine bottles by retaining cool air and refrigeration and benefiting humidification inside. There are small technical differences in the glass walls and glass wine doors but we would be happy to talk about it more in detail. Be sure to contact us so we can help you achieve your own glass cube wine cellar.

Glass Wine Cabinet with Metal & Wood Storage

Glass Enclosed Wine Racks - 297708
Similar to our glass wine cube above, this glass enclosed wine cabinet can be completed with a variety of racking inside. Mixing wood and metal together makes a unique old world meets modern lines pairing that draws the eye. With label forward and space saving VintageView racking on top and wood bulk case storage on the bottom, this pairing will maximize the space you have available.

Browse through our different wood styles to pick your perfect ideas for your own glass wine cabinet.

Modern LED Lighting - Metal & Chrome Racking

Metal Wine Racking with Glass Walls and LED colored lights - 277896
Lighting is such an important aspect of your wine cellar. It can convey moods, affect your emotions, or even change how the size of the room feels when you walk in. This example shows heavily modern and striking LED lights behind metal racking. While the blue shines through in this photo, you may wish to view our installation video of this project to get the full effect of rotating blue, red, and green lights.

Selecting vibrant LED lights can create the contemporary look you want to achieve but keep low heat emissions which is so important in wine storage. They are also resistant to vibration and humidity, environmentally friendly, and have lower voltage with no UV generation. For wine cellar lighting, definitely look at LEDs first.

Curved Wine Racking within a Small Wine Cellar

Concave Wine Racks - 212985
There is so much to be appreciated about the Curved Wine Racking style. First, it is super space efficient and can really help maximize bottle storage on compact spaces as illustrated here. Second, it offers such a unique racking design that is contemporary yet elegant. Third, it adds character to your wine cellar, really turning it into the next home icon.

For the most contemporary look, transform that "small" room or corner in your home into a gorgeous wine cellar with this Curved Wine Racking style.

Fashionable & Chic Black Wine Rack

Modern Midnight Black Stain Wine Cellar
Modern Midnight Black Stain Wine Cellar
Modern Midnight Black Stain Wine Cellar
Modern Midnight Black Stain Wine Cellar Modern Midnight Black Stain Wine Cellar Modern Midnight Black Stain Wine Cellar
The color black is known for being slick, chic and incredibly fashionable. Add it to your wine room and you instantly have incredible options for creating an arresting style. As pictured, the black and granite with glass walls is sleek and the very definition of modern. Add in that chandelier and you have your final accessories. With a midnight black stain, adding color behind your walls is also an option. You can go from deep and dark, or select a more vibrant color. Add in beautiful LED lighting and you will be extremely happy with the results.

Take a video walk-through of a Hollywood Hills home with sleek black stained wine racks, colored walls, and a metal wine rack crawl-space.

White Wine Racks - Gorgeous Clean Whitewashed

White Wash Racking Finish
People have lots of preferences when it comes to their cabinets and other home furniture, but it's mostly a battle between dark and light shades. This is actually also the case with wine racks. Some prefer the bold, dark-hued stains and finishes on their racking units. But there are others who opt for much lighter shades that exude a very fresh and clean feel.

Our White Wine Racks with beautiful Whitewashed finish are definitely a contender in the wine racking game. Whitewash is a very versatile finish that can work well with open themes of modern decor and carries that old English seaside charm to boot.

Trendy Aluminum Bottle Supports with Finished Panels

STACT Metal Wine Racking Series
You don't need to always go for wood wine racks. Metal wine racks are also a strong contender in the racking game and they can give you that authentic contemporary feel for your wine cellar. These Aluminum Bottle Supports with Finished Panels can offer tons of bottle storage even in really tight spaces. They are easy to install and can go just about anywhere in your home.

The finished panels give the supports that nice, sleek, modern touch that's definitely a bonus. With these types of finished panels, you can customize the background in multiple colors. The options are endless.

Wave Wine Cellar with Echelon

Echelon metal racking series
Created from an aluminum type of structure, these wave wine racks make a beautiful ending in your wine cellar. These custom options look beautiful in your dining room or bar area. From small to large, it creates a beautiful talking point for when you entertain.

The sculptural and unique ribbon-like design will flow around your set up wine room and carefully hold your wine bottles. When you are building your wine room, this design is sold in several sizes so it's easy to fit in your intended area.