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Custom Made Wine Racks - Custom Metal Wine Rack Choices

Revue Metal Wine Racking Series

Revue Metal Wine Racking Series
Revue Metal Wine Racking Series
Revue Metal Wine Racking Series
Revue Metal Wine Racking Series Revue Metal Wine Racking Series Revue Metal Wine Racking Series

The Revue Series is a visual delight in wine storage, employing strong metal holders to create a label front wine bottle rack. The Revue Series metal wine racks are proudly made in the United States and are currently offered in two finishes; black stain or silver metal with additional colors and configurations coming soon.

Revue Wine Racks are safe, secure, and easy to install. When purchasing them at a two or three bottle depth, there are gravity stops between bottles to ensure the wine bottles do not touch. They are also naturally earthquake resistant. The metal racking has a 5 degree angle on the arms to keep the bottles angled back forward the wall in case of an earthquake. Each rack is securely wall mounted using brackets to create a floor to ceiling wine storage arrangement that you can add on additional racks to grow your collection.


Contemporary Cable Wine Racking System

Cable Wine Racking System
Cable Wine Racking System
Cable Wine Racking System
Modern Cable Racking Modern Cable Racking Modern Cable Racking
If you are looking for a minimalistic way to show off your cellar, Cable Wine Racking might be for you. A cable wine system made out of stainless steel is perfect for high humidity environments as you don't have to worry about it rusting out. These strong cables are attached to wood panels above and below for strong security for your wine. The wood panels can be created in a variety of woods, stains and lacquer. Or create a blended stain to go with the theme of your home. Incredibly sophisticated, this cable system is made from high end components which will be a stunning presentation for anyone who enters your home or wine business.
Ships Partially Assembled - Cables ship assembled in sheets. ASSEMBLY IS SIMPLE: Screw hooks into pre-drilled holes and attach cable sheet loops. Adjust tension with the tensioners on the cable sheets.

Looking for a Stock Cable Option?

Check Out these Vintner Kit Cable Items.


VintageView Metal Wine Racks
Creating a wall-to-wall storage has never been so convenient thanks to the VintageView creations. These wine racks were primarily designed to be attached to a wall which makes them wonderfully space-efficient. While these racking units are designed to hold standard sized wine bottles when mounted 7.5 inches apart, they can also store your split-sized bottles when mounted 5.5 inches apart. That empty wall space will definitely be put to good use since these units can provide you with all the amenities of custom made metal wine racks. Note that the VintageView Series offers four different finishes, as well as single deep, double deep, and triple deep storage options. Moreover, you can deviate from the wall-mounting installation and choose to have your bottles be displayed floor to ceiling by purchasing a Floor to Ceiling Frame.

STACT Aluminum Wine Racks

STACT Aluminum Wine Racks
When it comes to unique custom metal wine racks, you can can rely on our STACT Aluminum Metal Wine Racks to make a lasting impression. These units sport uniquely versatile design and are, of course, space-efficient. You will be delighted at how these wine racks are easily customizable and expandable to fit your space the way that you need. Each unit is composed of three parts: the panel, the aluminum bottle supports, and the wall brackets. The panels come in 10 different elegant finishes such as walnut, white oak, zebra wood, gunmetal grey, an eccentric electric orange, and eye-catching citrus green, to name a few. Each panel is crafted to exacting specifications and pre-installed with anchors. This ensures a secure mount to the tailored wall brackets. The best part about these racks is how you can play around with palettes to suit your home's style and theme.

Echelon Wave Wine Racks

Echelon Wave Wine Racks
If you want some eye-popping racking for your wine bottles, we highly recommend you go for our Echelon Wave Wine Racks. These racking units are ideal for the kitchen bench, tabletop or bar area in your home. The racks are designed with a very unique profile - stylish yet super functional. The sculptured profile of the rack makes it akin to a modern work of art. The best thing is this: the modular design of the stainless steel wine rack allows additional kits to be added at any time. This means you can conveniently grow your racks along with your collection. The Echelon Wave Wine Racks are crafted from extruded aluminium and have a natural satin anodised finish – which is architectural grade, or durable and robust.

Deluxe Commercial

Deluxe Metal Wine Racking
Commercial wine storage just got bigger and more functional, thanks to the WCI Deluxe Wine Racks. These custom manufactured racking units feature all-aluminum construction that is rust-resistant. That means you get to keep these racks for years and years to come, growing them along with your business. The Deluxe line comes in 3, 4, 5, and 6-column configurations, as well as single and double-deep options. Shelves are extruded tube and flat stock, fully welded, and easy enough to install. We do recommend having at least two people to assemble the units so one person can hold the posts while the other will install the shelves. This is a steel wine rack you'd definitely want to have more of!

Standard Metal

Standard Metal Wine Racking
For convenient and space-efficient bottle storage in your commercial wine establishment, you'd definitely want to have some of our Standard Metal Wine Racks on hand. They come in several options such as the Adjustable 5 Shelf Corner, the Individual Bottle Metal Cradle Wine Rack, and the Metal Wine Basket Merchandiser, to name a few. The racks feature a unique open wire design which minimizes dust accumulation. This also allows for free circulation of air as well as greater visibility of your merchandise.

Conventional Metal Designs

Conventional Wine Racks
Enjoy lots of options for your commercial wine racking needs with our Conventional Metal Wine Racks. These chrome wine racks are very flexible with a simple and clean design that can go anywhere in your store. Some units include wheels for easier mobility, allowing you to re-arrange your racking arrangement to accommodate more merchandise. The best part about these racks is that they are multi-purpose. You can utilize them to store other items as well, not just your wine bottles. There are even conventional shelf label options available for more efficient organization in your store.



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