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Washington is a state that is strategically located in the Pacific Northwest. The largest and most popular city, Seattle, is known for its thriving tech industry, vibrant music scene and famed coffeehouses. Plus, it's only about a two to three hours drive from Vancouver (apart from Vancouver City in Portland) - the most cosmopolitan city in Canada's British Columbia province. For us here at WCI, that's like killing two birds with one stone. We get to provide professional wine cellar services to a much broader range of clients in North America. We'd love for your wine cellar to be our next custom project!

Featured Projects from our Washington Portfolio

Washington Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (16 customer reviews)
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 314267
project #314267 - Glass Enclosed Wine Cellar
This gorgeous wine cellar is in a high end Spanish Contemporary home in an exclusive neighborhood in West Bellevue. The Grand Mahogany wood has a Light Danish stain on it. The cellar itself combines the popular trend of mixing metal and wood for an elegant but warm design. Mixing individual bottle storage with solid diamond bins with face trim the alternating storage mixes well together. Adding in the VintageView metal wine racks for extra bottle space, this wine cellar holds over 1,000 wine bottles.
5 stars
"I am happy to share that our experience with ordering and shipping worked out well." ~Christina R.~
Glass Wine Cellar - 304784
project #304784 - Washington Wine Room
This project has ample bottle storage capacity. Our client Dave purchased several units from our Traditional Series wine racks kit. The generous racking assembly spans almost the entire perimeter of the room. The room itself is 300 square feet and with the help of the Traditional Series wine racking units, this space was cleverly utilized. As a result, the client has a bottle storage that can accommodate up to over 2,000 bottles.

5 stars
"My cellar is ~300 square feet and over 2,000 bottles." ~Dave R.~
Washington project 205368
project #205368 - Pasco, WA
5 stars
"I used Wine Cellar Innovations when we had our new home built several years ago and then purchased again when I added racks for the climate controlled wine room. I can now accommodate 400 wine bottles. Their staff was easy to work with and I would definitely recommend them to anyone."
~Linda J.~
Rochester, Washington project 76842
project #76842 - Rochester, Washington
Neat and super spacious, this wine cellar was definitely one of our favorites. It was designed for a client in Rochester, WA who had a healthy, growing collection. The racking styles chosen were simple - individual bottle columns, open diamond bins with face trim, and quarter rounds. The racks are crafted from All-Heart Redwood, unstained, which really showcased the natural beauty of the wood.

Serving the great state of Washington and the surrounding cities:
Seattle * Bellevue * Tacoma * Vancouver * Spokane * Redmond * Olympia * Bellingham
Seattle which is now home to Microsoft and Amazon headquarters is definitely a must-visit city for tourist. But Bellevue with its botanical gardens and arts museums offer a different experience. Then there's Tacoma which houses the world-famous Museum of Glass. There is so much to experience in the metropolitan cities of Washington, and that include wine experience! We loved designing elegant wine cellars for our Washington clients, both residential and commercial. Check out these projects and let us help you build yours as well!
Seattle Wine Storage
Seattle 213666

Bellevue Glass Wine Cellar

Bellevue 254042
Wine Storage in Tacoma
Tacoma 306207
Vancouver Custom Wine Racks
Vancouver 233151
Spokane Cellar
Spokane 234396
Custom Wine Storage in Redmond
Redmond 232856
Wine Racks in Olympia
Olympia 233151
Bellingham 266301

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Local Washington Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Garrison Creek Cellars
Garrison Creek Cellars #202241- Walla Walla, WA
Tastebuds Coffe and Wine
Tastebuds Coffe & Wine #159648- Wenatchee, WA
Hattaway's #310775- Walla Walla, WA
Wine Alley
The Wine Alley #182693- Renton, WA
Wine Decor and More
Wine, Decor & More #270603- Puyallup WA
Uncorked Wine Bar
Uncorked Wine Bar #271933- Sequim, WA
Blanc & Rouge
Blanc & Rouge #251184- Snohomish, WA
Aldrich's Market
Aldrich's Market #206502- Port Townsend, WA
Champion Wine Cellars
Champion Wine Cellars #31929- Seattle, WA
Garrison CreekTastebuds Coffee and WineHattaways
The Wine AlleyWine - Decor - n- MoreUncorked Wine Bar
Blanc and RougeAldrichs Market 251184Champion Wine Cellars
To see is to believe they say, so we're inviting you to take a peek at the projects we've designed for our Washington clients. Our favorites include the Garrison Creek Cellars in Walla Walla, Tastebuds Coffee & Wine in Wenatchee, WA, and Ancestry Cellars in Woodinville. But a must-visit is the Uncorked Wine Bar at the Seven Cedars Casino in Sequim, WA. Even creating wine furniture Pasco, WA to name a few, it's what we do! Be sure to visit one of these fine establishments to see the quality of our work. Here's what our lovely clients have to say about our racking products:

5 stars
"They work great! This is our Uncorked Wine Bar. The shelving was a very good value and easy to assemble. We like the clean look, and they are functional." ~ Teresa L.


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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Washington Wine Room

What is a cable wine racking system?
A cable wine system made out of stainless steel is perfect for high humidity environments as you don't have to worry about it rusting out. These strong cables are attached to wood panels above and below for strong security for your wine. If you are looking for a minimalistic way to show off your cellar, Cable Wine Racking might be for you.

What wine racks can provide a label-forward storage system?
Our Vintage View Series from our metal racking collection can definitely do this. It is one way to create an exceptional look in your wine room, especially surrounded by glass walls. But if you want something even more versatile, then you should check out the WCI WineZone Wine Shelf System. You can store not just wine bottles, but adjust the shelves to accommodate wine baskets, olive oils, decanters, and more.

How can you create a "floating" look for your wine bottles?
We recommend utilizing our Vintage View Series to achieve this look, or our Wall Wine Rack Series or Acrylic Cube Series These wine racking units are all designed to be attached to a wall. With Vintage View, you can have your bottles displayed floor to ceiling when a Floor to Ceiling Frame is purchased. This will give them that "floating" look.

What stains or options are best for a contemporary look?
We recommend either the Whitewash Stain, Opaque White Stain, or Gray Wash Stain. But you can also go for Midnight Black Stain which works really well with glass materials. For a more customized contemporary look, try our blended stain options as well.


Washington - Wine Cellars
Overall Rating 5 stars (16 customer reviews)
5 stars (16)
4 stars (0)
3 stars (0)
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1 star (0)
5 stars
Robert R. - #329470 - View Photos
Everything came our beautifully. You helped me create a wonder 300+ wine cellar in a 7'x7' space. I really appreciated your willingness to replace the molding pieces that came broken. Our well-aged dog Bacchus enjoys the coolness and other features of the cellar as much as we do!
5 stars
Joe S. - #327193 - View Photos
My wine racks are in & supporting their worthy subjects.
5 stars
Brian M. - #323267 - View Photos
Working great!
5 stars
Jason J. - #250019 - View Photos
Love them. Thank you
5 stars
Jay V. - #261211 - View Photos
5 stars
Jay V. - #261211
My Traditional Series racks came together quite nicely. We are putting some finishing touches on the decor but I think they look great!
5 stars
Tod N. - #255798
We loved the small wine racks we purchased. When we put our house up for sale a year ago, the new buyer was insistent that we include our bottle grids in the sale of the home. Can you believe it, we sold them for more than we purchased them because it looked so nice. They wanted our excellent wine collection too, partially because of the great wine racking. Our friends bought a new place in Charloette and they added your wine racks as well. We are hoping to buy a house in the mountains, and when we are ready, we will buy some more from you.
5 stars
Jason & Elizabeth R. - #311430 - View Video
Everything was in great shape and went together perfectly. Thank you!!
5 stars
Debbie L. - #305935
I'm finally sending you some photos of our wine racks. We are adding a lucite cover to all the lower sections as we have a cat and don't want her marking the wine. They turned out really well though.
5 stars
Rich W. - #281508 - View Photos
Still in the process of completing the cellar but the racks are beautiful. Some fine tuning here and there to make everything line up and flush, but nothing major. I had a contractor install as this was a MAJOR project.
5 stars
Norm B. - #287700
We really love our wine racks two 5 row racks fit perfectly in our closet - imagine 10 cases of wine beautifully stored in your closet Assembly was a breeze - used a nail gun and only took a 15-20 minutes. We liked them so much we bought two more. One Happy Customer!
5 stars
Anthony J. - #281092 - View Photos
The cellar racks made their way to us okay. We did not use a nail gun, hammered in the nails by hand. This was our third time ordered racks from Wine Cellar Innovations and have kind of gotten the hang of the assembly process. My family has a small cellar, the racks work great to help maximize our storage space and the ease of getting the bottles out of the bins is great vs. what we have previously used. It does not look pretty but it definitely gets the job done.

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