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When you think of North Dakota, you are usually thinking VERY cold winters. Which is quite true, but North Dakota has some amazing things about it, one of which its booming economy. The other, some very large wide open countryside. It's a beautiful area and we would love to help you with any of your wine cellar needs. We've been helping North Dakota residents with some amazing wine cellars and are looking forward to doing more! Browse some examples below and contact us for a free design.

Featured Projects from our North Dakota Portfolio

North Dakota Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (3 customer reviews)
North Dakota-project 307816
project #307816
It's the perfect little tasting center in this converted wine cellar closet!
5 stars
"We love our recently built wine cellar. Installation was very easy thanks to a lot of preplanning. I did not use a nail gun but I did drill holes for each nail. I built the room around the racks and will be installing a cooler after I track temperature and humidity. Great investment and Wine Cellar Innovations was the best!" ~Richard B.~
North Dakota example - 287692
project #287692
We love this sneak peek of a newly installed Premium Redwood glass enclosed wine cellar. The glass is specially installed with a locking mechanism to keep your bottles safe in your home. The archway is the focal point along with a beautiful high reveal display coming around with lots of individual bottle space. With a max capacity of 482 wine bottles, this custom Kansas wine room is ready to be filled.
North Dakota example- 307119
project #307119 - Bismarck, ND
Our Vintner Series is standing 8 feet tall in this example with a curved corner in the middle. The midnight black stain looks fantastic against this custom flooring. We can't wait to see what it looks like filled with wine bottles!
5 stars
"They have been great. Everything showed up undamaged. I used the nail gun and did the install by myself. The videos online of installation were helpful." ~Matthew C.~
State example
project #252613
The client just started on their wine collection and needed a space to get everything started. This racking arrangement from our Designer Series was perfect for their bottle storage needs. There is even space for case and bin storage, as well as for larger-format bottles.
5 stars
"I love everything about it! It was fun to use my nail gun kit as I haven't used it in ages. The wine cellar looks great and it smells great and fits my space perfectly! Honestly, now I can't decide how to organize my wine." ~Peter Z.~

Serving North Dakota and the surrounding cities:
Find Local North Dakota Wine Cellars Below:
Fargo * Bismarck * Minot * Grand Forks * Williston * West Fargo * Stonebridge * Southpointe
Everyone always talks about how unemployment is staggeringly low in North Dakota because of an oil drilling boom a few years back. North Dakota is small but very mighty and offers such amazing places to live. Fargo, Bismarck, and Grand Forks are some amazing places to live due to low crime, great public schools, and varied nightlife. If you are looking to create a wine cellar and live in one of these fabulous cities, we are ready to help you out. Just contact us for a free design and we can get a quote started for you.
Fargo Glass Wine Cellar
Bismarck Wine Cellar
Minot Glass Cellar
Grand Forks Custom Wine Racks
Grand Forks
Williston Wine Storage
Wine Storage West Fargo
West Fargo
Wine Racks in Stonebridge
Southpointe Wine Storage

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Local North Dakota Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Bottle Barn Liquors
Bottle Barn Liquors Project #237326 - Fargo, ND
Captain Jacks
Captain Jack's Liqour Land Project #125359 - Bismarck, ND
Lake Mode Liquors
Lake Mode Liquors Project #169571 - West Fargo, ND
Ponderosa Liquors
Ponderosa Liquors Project # 96872 - Dickison, ND
Economart Project # 216918 - Williston, ND
Bottle Barn LiquorsCaptain Jacks Liquor LandLake Mode Liquors
Ponderosa LiquorsEconomart
Our Commercial line of wine racking is diverse and we love seeing the beautiful photos sent from happy customers. Bottle Barn Liquors over in Fargo has some great merchandisers, while Lake Mode Liquors, Ponderosa Liquors, and Economart shows off their wine in commercial Islands. We think the quality of our products is fantastic, so if you get the chance to stop off at one of these wine stores, we encourage you to check our our product. We have so many great configurations we can create for your store or hospitality area too.


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Important Questions to Ask Before Planning Your North Dakota Wine Cellar

Can my wine be stored at room temperature?
Absolutely! Storing wine at room temperature is fine for bottles you are intending to drink fairly quickly. However to preserve the bottle integrity, you may wish to keep it in an optimal environment. Additionally, you have what is called "passive wine cellars." Passive wine cellars, or an underground wine cellar, use ground temperature to moderate the temperature swings and make the temperature swings seasonal instead of daily. Whereas refrigerated wine cellars can go anywhere in your house, a passive wine cellar must be located in a subterranean basement.

Where can you build a glass-enclosed wine storage?
You can build a glass-enclosed wine storage practically anywhere in your home. So long as you have the space for it, it certainly can be done. The great thing about a glass-enclosed wine cellar is that it also adds a lot of aesthetic value to your home. So even building right in the middle of your dining or living area is definitely possible. You can check out our photo galleries on the various glass-enclosed concepts we've done over the years.

How can I give my wine cellar a modern appeal?
There are now lots of ways to style your wine cellar with a contemporary vibe. You can start with your wine racks. Our Modern Wine Cellar Series gives tons of options such as our Contemporary Cable Wine Racking System, Invisible Wall Wine Rack Series, and Steel Rod and Wood Wine Cellar Series. You can also achieve a modern look with the help of stains and finishes. Our favorites include Whitewash, Opaque, and Graywash stain options.

Would you recommend "second-hand" wine racks?
Wine Cellar Innovations actually carries a line called "factory seconds." What is this all about? Occasionally from time to time a rack is manufactured with an extra knot in the wood, was stained a wrong color, the order was cancelled half way through production, or it becomes discontinued due to lack of popularity. These wine racks are all very attractive and sturdy pieces of wood wine storage, that are then marked down to move out at a quicker rate. We list them as our "second-hand racks" at a huge, discounted price. Our loss is your savings!


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