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The Wine Cellar You Want With The Help Of Our Nevada Design Consultants!

When we talk about the state of Nevada, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Well if it's not Las Vegas, then we'd definitely be surprised! Officially hailed as the "Silver State," Nevada contains the Las Vegas-Paradise metropolitan area. It is largely desert and semi-arid, much of it within the Great Basin. It is also the driest state in the US. However, the economy is tied to tourism, particularly focused on entertainment and gambling-related business. Among its cities, Las Vegas is key when it comes to the flourishing economy of the state. And because of businesses focusing on entertainment and gambling, the wine industry fares exceptionally well. Bars, restaurants, liquor stores - you name it. We've done our share of Nevada wine cellars and we're looking to only get bigger and better in the Silver State!

Featured Projects from our Nevada Portfolio

Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 278802
project #278802, NV
Having metal wine racking to maximize bottle storage capacity is a fantastic idea. Combined with the glass-enclosed panels, this project was an absolute stunner. The racks can actually be mounted to accommodate label-forward storage. This makes it easier for customers to check out new labels, locate their favorites, or try out popular wine merchandise. Aesthetics-wise, the metal and glass racking combo worked so well with the restaurant's decor, elevating its elegance factor.
Wine Cellar - 270508
project #270508 - Wine Cellars
As far as custom wine cellar projects go, this one really "delivered." The client requested for a built-in look to the racks which were assembled and installed in the rough-hewn stone walls. Because it's a custom creation, the fit and design were all tailored to work perfectly with the other elements of the room. The racks made from unstained All-Heart Redwood stood out but also meshed really well with the other room decor.
Dark Walnut Wine Cellars 306880
project #306880 - Sparks Custom Wine Cellars

"My wife were planning to turn a wall in our dining room into a large wine rack. I had this, do it yourself mentality, and spent time on websites, looking to place several individual sections as close together as possible to and fit the 12 foot by 10 foot space I was looking to occupy with bottles.

Amy Hernandez asked if she could help and I asked what it would cost, Amy replied there is no cost for planning and design, only when you order the products. I gave her measurements and she came back with the something way better than I could have ever imagined. I was ecstatic with the design, it was perfect. Amy walked me through the process. Followed up along the way to update on shipping and offered extra parts if something was needed. Even after the original order came, she was there to send videos and replacements when a piece split or was missing. Like all construction projection, creating the rack system was not an easy undertaking, but Amy made the process as simple as possible. I enjoyed having a contact who could answers questions and not force me into calling a random 800#. The finished product looks better than I had ever imagined and I am confident the upgrade will add years of enjoyment and a significant return on investment when we showcase our home in the future."
~Tim K.~
Nevada project 271657
project #271657 - NV

"The racks were beautifully done! The entire process was a pleasant experience and the price was unbelievable. We got exactly what we paid for and it was worth every dollar spent. At the beginning, we had a contractor to construct our custom wine cellar. But when that didn't work out, we turned to WCI and purchased pre-built units from their wine rack kits. Everything turned out perfect!" Bradd F.

Featured Local Nevada Wine Cellars
Serving the great state of Nevada and the surrounding cities:
Las Vegas * Reno * North Las Vegas * Henderson * Carson City
Sparks * Elko * Boulder City
Our custom wine cellars have expanded to the Silver State! From bars to restaurants to individual wine rooms, we have extensive experience in working with Nevada-based clients. We are hoping that you will be our next one! We will be happy to design and help achieve your ideal wine cellar. All it takes is a phone call or e-mail to get in touch with our Nevada consultants - so do it today!
Las Vegas Wine Storage
Las Vegas Nevada
Reno Glass Wine Cellar
Reno - Nevada
Wine Storage in North Las Vegas
North Las Vegas - Nevada
Henderson Custom Wine Racks
Henderson - Nevada
Carson City Wine Room
Carson City - Nevada
Wine Cellar Design in Sparks
Atlantic City - Nevada
Wine Racks in Elko
Elko - Nevada
Boulder City Custom Wine Cellars
Boulder City - Nevada

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Local Nevada Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Nevada - Sushi Samba
Sushi Samba in Palazzo, Las Vegas, NV #18441
Oscars Steakhouse Nevada
Oscar's Steakhouse, Las Vegas, NV #219129
Dart Beverage Nevada
Dart Beverage Center, Stateline, NV #224550
 Luva Bella
L'uva Bella Wine Gallery, Reno, NV #135381
Valley Cheese and Wine - Nevada
Valley Cheese & Wine, Henderson, NV #240918
Bella Vino
Bella Vino, North Las Vegas, NV #144743
Khourys Fine Wine Nevada
Khoury's Fine Wine, Las Vegas, NV #149000
Crab Island Liquor Store Nevada
Crab Island Liquor Store, Wildwood, NV #222357
Delite Liquor Store Nevada
Delite Liqour Store, Hoboken, NV #227628
Sushi Samba - NevadaOscars Steakhouse - NVDart Beverage
Luva Bella Wine GalleryValley Cheese and WineBella Vino
Khourysn Fine Wine
There are so many fabulous restaurants and Nevada wine stores that showcase and sell wine but here are a few of our favorites. From Sushi Samba at the Palazzo on the Vegas strip to smaller wine stores around the North Las Vegas area, you can't forget about Henderson, Stateline, and Reno! We enjoy helping commercial wine store owners find the best way to display their wine and would be happy to help you in your journey. Contact us for a free design and if you would like to see the quality of our work, be sure to stop by one of the stores above.


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4 Questions to Ask Before Planning Your Nevada Wine Cellar

Why is proper wine storage necessary?
Proper wine storage is indispensable, regardless the size of your collection or whether you own a residential or commercial wine cellar. This is especially so in Nevada where the climate is dry and temperatures can skyrocket to scorching levels. Maintenance of ideal wine storage conditions is necessary 24/7. Even for a smallish-type project, this should be observed. You have to make sure the conditions are as close to 55-58 degrees F temperature and 55-75% humidity as possible. For commercial applications, you also need to make sure your merchandise is displayed in such a way that wine sales receive a significant boost.

What type of wine rack is best for the wine bottles?
There are tons of wine racking sizes and styles. But you have to make sure that your bottles are securely stored and also displayed in an attractive manner. Your wine racks should also allow for convenient organization of your collection. A combination of individual and bulk bottle storage racks is highly recommended. Wine lockers are also recommended for valuable and/or rare labels. Our experienced consultants will be happy to guide you in choosing the right wine racks.

How should you budget for your wine cellar?
All wine cellars are unique. Each one is created to cater to the specific storage needs of the customer. When working up a budget for your wine cellar, you need to get through the planning stages carefully. Do not gloss over important details. Make sure to take advantage of free services. Be diligent in comparing product features and prices. We are available for consultation anytime, so do not hesitate to reach out to our team!

Is wine rack assembly easy or difficult to do?
As far as assembly and installation of racking units is concerned, there are three ways to do it. You can use the good, old hammer and nail method. You can also choose to screw your racks. Last but not the least, you can utilize a brad nailer. Of the three, the brad nailer method is the most recommended. It requires practically no experience in wine cellar or furniture construction. However, if you desire a complicated design for your project, seeking professional assistance is the route to take.