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While our wood wine racking products are manufactured in the United States, we often receive queries from neighboring countries or even all the way across the ocean! We are more than happy to help facilitate wood wine racks, refrigeration units, or many times we will often fly out and help install everything. We truly have so many options and would love to work on your residential or commercial wine room. Contact us for a free design and we can figure out the difficult parts for you.

Featured Projects from our International Portfolio

International Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (3 customer reviews)
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 235550
project #235550
5 stars
"I purchased a Cellar Pro System , several 36 Bottle Vintage View racks with their Floor to Ceiling Frames that were installed inside of three Honduran Mahogany Freestanding Wood Cabinets inside of a Wine Cellar in a Project in a residential lounge in Honduras, Central America. Eric S. Flores, did an excellent work, he was always responding to my questions and gave advice all the way. He is an excellent person. He gave me instructions for installation and the racks were installed by the people in charge of the Wood Cabinets and no problem at all with this step. The Cellar Pro works perfectly and keeps the wine bottles and cigar boxes in a cool temperature." ~Jackie K.~
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 288856
project #288856

Down in Central America, we did a glass enclosed wine cellar in Panama which utilized VintageView racking with a cooling unit and glass enclosure. As you can see, the racking is double deep, so the entire enclosure holds 168 wine bottles. Very simple but beautiful and elegant and the end result made a satisfied customer.

International project 311440
project #311440

Another project in Panama, specifically the city of Colon, we did one of our newest designs, the Modern Series Wine Cellar design which has the appearance of floating platforms which are then surrounded by Vino Pins. Both areas are designed to show off the wine labels to create a showcase wine cellar. The cabinetry at the bottom also has a few more spots for wine bottles so this wine cellar can hold over 200 bottles.

International project 198860
project #198860

Over in the Ukraine, we did an installation of All-heart Redwood with a Dark Walnut stain which included some beautiful cabinetry, a Wine Sentinel cabinet, and some individual wine racking. We also did a beautiful pane glass enclosure with etched grapes which looked fantastic. We flew out our Installation team and they were able to get things set up fairly quickly. We can't wait to see the updated photos of the full project.


Creating Wine Cellars in International Countries
Serving International Countries:
Ukraine * France * England * Australia * Bahamas * Bermuda * Mexico * Bahamas
The photos below are simply examples of beautiful projects we can complete for you in any country around the world. Our Design Consultants and Installation Team are fantastic and can help you with anything you need. We are experienced with any issues of getting the products in your hands, and can walk you through all the steps you need to create a beautiful wine room.
Ukraine Wine Storage
Ukraine 301059

France Glass Wine Cellar

France 254942
Wine Storage in England
England 268966
Australian Custom Wine Racks
Australia 243566
Bahamas Wine Cellar
Bahamas 290986
Custom Wine Storage in Bermuda
Bermuda 294873
Wine Racks in Mexico
Mexico 251385
Bahamas Wine Storage
Bahamas 275299

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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your International Wine Room

Do you facilitate international shipping and delivery?
Yes, we can certainly make arrangements to make sure our international clients can have their purchases delivered to their homes. Our company can work to get a freight shipper in a cost-effective manner and help you figure out any customs issues and other necessary details for international shipping and delivery. We highly recommend getting in touch with our experienced consultants prior to finalizing your purchases so that any concerns with shipping and delivery can be properly addressed.

What racking styles are the most space-efficient?
If you are working with a more compact space for your wine cellar project, we recommend investing in space-efficient wine racks, like our Wall Wine Racks collection. These units can be easily mounted on your walls to free up the floor area. We have a healthy selection of these racks, such as our WineZone Wine Shelf System, Vintage View Series, Curvy Wine Cubes, and STACT Wine Racks. You can also check out our wine rack pegs and rails which will allow you to display your bottles in a label-forward fashion.

Are glass-enclosed wine cellars expensive?
Here at WCI, we have so many ideas and options when it comes to our wine racking products, accessories, and other wine cellar construction needs. We love to work with the client's budget, but we are firm believers on never compromising on quality. So if the client desires a glass-enclosed wine cellar on a certain budget, we will work to achieve just that. I think you will find it can be done economically.

What stains or finishes can give a contemporary wine room look?
We recommend our Graywash, Opaque White, or our beautiful Whitewash stain options to get that modern vibe for your wine room. Our Interactive Swatch Viewer will help you see how a particular wood option will look when it's designed in these stains and finishes.


International - Wine Cellars
Overall Rating 5 stars (3 customer reviews)
5 stars (3)
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5 stars
Ana M. - #329269 - View Photos
The wine cellar looks exactly as I envisioned! I am highly satisfied with them! We had to custom-make additional structure and trim to weld to the wall. Thankfully, the end result was amazing.
5 stars
Khare A. - #326726 - View Photos
We love them!

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