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A tourist destination to end all tourist destinations! The state of Hawaii and its islands are renowned for the rugged landscapes of cliffs, waterfalls, tropical foliage and beaches. After all, where else can you find beaches with gold, red, black and even green sands? To top it off, large cities such as Oahu and Honolulu have tons to offer in terms of cuisine and fine dining. WCI has experienced this first-hand, thanks to our wine cellar projects with wine stores, restaurants, and other commercial establishments in the state. We have also designed for a number of Hawaiian homes - and we hope that we can work on yours as well.

Featured Projects from our Hawaii Portfolio

Hawaii Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (4 customer reviews)
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 307757
project #307757

The bottle storage capacity of this expansive wine cellar project is just off the charts! We loved working on this glass-enclosed beauty which features custom racking units all around. The racks were done in All-Heart Redwood with Dark Walnut stain option.

Wine Cellar - 318807
project #318807
5 stars
"We are an architecture firm that specializes in commercial projects, so we sometimes receive requests from clients that they want a wine cellar. It was our first time reaching out to Wine Cellar Innovations to purchase ceiling-mount evaporator units. Their rep is helpful and asks you for floor plan to calculate BTU rating and they will suggest how many units of certain model you need to maintain the optimal temperature. We were really tight on schedule, but the reps were willing to help. I think there were times when I received email from them during weekends or late night! Their equipment did arrive on time and our subcontractors had no issues installing it." ~Akira I., WanderxWonder~
Hawaii project 282854
project #282854

Our Designer Series really set the bar high with this wine racking arrangement. Apart from the Open Diamond Bins with face trim, the individual bottle racks with high reveals contributed to the versatile and stylish layout.

5 stars
"I'm currently in the middle of building an official wine cellar but decided to buy some racking for a closet in the meantime. I ordered two of the 5 column unstained mahogany designer series wine racks to check them out before I invested in more. It was a good decision. The Premium Redwood is very good quality, assembly with a nail gun was simple and they have a really nice look and feel. The price fit my budget as well. I ended up buying more once the room was built." ~Roy U.~
Hawaii project 274715
project #274715

Simple and seamless, this residential project is one of our favorites. The client worked with our WineMaker Series wine racks kit to create a very professional-looking arrangement.

5 stars
"Thank you for your attention to detail, Gabby, and your helpful service to get us to complete this project. I completed the last bits of trim last week & here are some images." ~John B.~

Hawaii and the surrounding cities:
Serving the great Islands of Hawaii and the surrounding cities:
Honolulu * Oahu * Maui * Kailua-Kona * Lahaina * Kauai * Mililani Town * Maunawili
Working in the major cities in the state of Hawaii was a gratifying experience for our wine cellar design consultants. Honolulu, the capital city, is modern yet rich in the state's history and culture. It definitely shows in the wine collections of the wine cellars we helped built. Maui, Kailua-Kona, and of course Oahu, are also major cities that we would love to expand our reaches to. Our Hawaiian wine cellar design consultants are ready and waiting to design for you!
Honolulu Wine Storage

Oahu Glass Wine Cellar

Oahu 22940
Wine Storage in Maui
Maui 253489
Kailua-Kona Custom Wine Racks
Kailua-Kona 271098
Lahaina Wine Cellar
Lahaina 242847
Custom Wine Storage in Kauai
Kauai 306899
Wine Racks in Mililani Town
Mililani Town 277488
Maunawili Wine Rooms
Maunawili 304470

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Local Hawaii Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Living Foods Market - Koloa
Living Foods Market - #270346- Koloa, HI
Westside Wines  - Kona
Westside Wines #22604- Kona, HI
Hasr Wine
Hasr Wine #255511- Honolulu, HI
Living Foods MarketWestside WinesHasr Wine
As we've earlier mentioned, our design team has worked on a number of wine establishments in the state. Apart from wine stores, we've also built for restaurants, bars, food markets, and other similar places. Check out the beautiful racking layout we created for at Living Foods Market in Koloa. We also recommend visiting Westside Wines in Kona when you are in the area. Their customers simply loved our racks and we're only too happy to have satisfied the client's wine storage needs.


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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Hawaii Wine Room

What are some tips to prepare a room for wine storage?
If you are looking into building a diy wine room, some essential points need to be considered. The first would be the size of the room vis-a-vis your current collection. You also have to consider future acquisitions. That means your racking assembly should be built to accommodate how fast your collection can grow.

How do I figure how what cooling unit to buy?
In purchasing a wine cellar cooling unit, it is highly recommended to get a BTU analysis. There are a good number of factors to take into consideration when trying to figure out what size or type of wine refrigeration unit is best suited for your particular application. Fortunately, we offer free BTU analysis here at WCI - so take advantage of it!

How can you help me with my small wine cellar project?
Our highly experienced design consultants can help you in coming up with unique wine cellar design ideas. We have design consultants all of over the country and all you need to do is connect with them. Check our Consultant Locator in the website for all the details.

Should I use Pine or Redwood in my wine cellar?
If you need to know the best wood for a wine cellar project, you'll have to have at least the basic understanding of the various wood types. There are four popular choices for custom wine cellar projects: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. But there are also other commercial wood options that can give you the style you're seeking. We recommend checking out our Select Hardwoods section in the website to learn more about these.


Hawaii - Wine Cellars
Overall Rating 5 stars (4 customer reviews)
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5 stars
Nancy K. - #271098 - View Photos
We love the wine rack and I can see us ordering another down the road. I'm attaching a photo of it as we have it installed in our house, in a built in bookcase. I'm also attaching a photo of the wine rack in the background with a table that we had made, using counter top made from wine barrels from your company. We didn't use a nail gun for the rack and actually wish we'd gotten something larger.I think we thought we'd never fill the one we bought, but are finding we actually need more racking! Assembly was pretty easy.

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