Creating Your Custom Wine Cellar With WCI's Connecticut Design Consultant

For those loving the coastal living, the state of Connecticut is a must-visit - or most likely a must-live area. Located in southern New England, the state boasts of a mix of coastal cities and rural areas dotted with small towns. Mystic, a village in New London county, is known for its Seaport museum filled with centuries-old ships and beluga whale exhibits in the aquarium. And of course, you have Long Island Sound, a city of New Haven, which is the home of the world-famous Yale University. We have designed several wine cellar projects in this state with glowing feedback from our clients - and we're looking forward to doing more!

Featured Projects from our Connecticut Portfolio

Connecticut Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (6 customer reviews)
Glass Enclosed Wine Rack - 275419
project #275419
Located in New Canaan, CT, this stunning project is a glass-enclosed wine storage with our Vintner Series wine racks kit coming into play. The racking arrangement is versatile and interspersed with some custom racking pieces as well. The wood of choice is Premium Redwood, with a beautiful Classic Mahogany stain. An eye-catching feature of this projectis the wood archway with grape carvings.

5 stars
" The quality of workmanship was excellent" ~Dathan L.~
Midnight Black Mahogany Wine Cellar - 254527
project #288207
The bold hues of the racking arrangement for this custom wine cellar are definitely eye-catching. Our design team completed this wine storage for our clients in Oxford, CT. The racks are crafted from elite Mahogany wood, dressed up in Midnight Black stain. The archway, custom countertops and cabinets really bring a lot of character to this project. There is ample bottle storage, along with space for displaying glassware and other accessories.
Stamford Connecticut project 303772
project #303772

We absolutely love this custom beauty designed for our clients in Stamford, CT. The standout feature is definitely the 108-bottle Tasting Table that sits right at the center of the wine cellar. The wood option is Mahogany which is second to none when it comes to quality. With the addition of the Classic Mahogany stain and lacquer, it lends a really luxurious appeal.
Middletown Connecticut project 308703
project #308703 - Middletown, CT Wine Room
The Tasting Centers are really instrumental in making this racking assembly come together This project is for our Connecticut client located in Middletown:
5 stars
"I'm very pleased with your wine cellar racks. They worked out great and if you have some basic skills they can be easily put together. Please thank Jordan for his help and patience. I have a little left to do that will be done over the winter. I'm bottling last years wine soon which will fill in the wine racking. I'll send the final picks once it's complete! Best of all made in the USA!"
~Carl A.~

Serving the great state of Connecticut and the surrounding cities:
Serving the great state of Connecticut and the surrounding cities:
Hartford * Stamford * New Haven * Bridgeport * Waterbury * Norwalk * Danbury * Greenwich
Museums in Hartford, the Yale university in New Haven...Connecticut is elite in so many ways. So if you're thinking of that dream wine cellar, let our elite professional design team work for you! We have tackled a number of projects all over the state - with 100% client satisfaction rating. We'd love to add your custom wine cellar to the list as well.
Hartford Wine Storage
Hartford 265437

Stamford Glass Wine Cellar

Stamford 288207
Wine Storage in New Haven
New Haven 238757
Bridgeport Custom Wine Racks
Bridgeport 259086
Waterbury 308703
Custom Wine Storage in Norwalk
Wine Racks in Danbury
Danbury 265111
Greenwich 307787

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People who have seen our custom wine cellar projects gave glowing reports about them. From the quality of our racking products down to the styling for various types wine storage, we're proud to say we didn't disappoint. Check out Brookfield County Wine in Brookfield, the Center Spirt Wine Shop in Collinsville, as well as the Harvest Wine in West Hartford and Cordial Shoppe in Old Saybrook for samples of commercial wine cellar design endeavors.


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Important Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Connecticut Wine Room

How do you choose your wine cellar cooling unit?
Selecting wine cellar cooling units depends on a number of considerations. The location of your wine cellar is one of the key ones. Another is the bottle storage capacity. We highly recommend consulting with our design professionals, especially for a first-time construction.

Are custom wine cellars expensive?
People will automatically think that custom wine cellars. But that's not really the case. If you're working with professional design consultants here at WCI, our duty is to achieve client satisfaction and doing our best to work within our client's budget. We offer options, alternatives, and valuable advice to come up with a custom wine cellar project that meets both our client's goals and budget.

How important is wine cellar insulation?
Without a doubt, wine cellar insulation should be one of the primary considerations in a wine cellar project. This is particularly true for a new construction. You have to make sure that the ideal wine storage conditions are always maintained 24/7. Proper insulation is indispensable to this.

Why should you use wine cellar kits?
It's high time we realize the true value of wine cellar kits. If you're looking at an entry-level wine cellar or a DIY project, these kits are just amazing to work with. They are easy to assembly and install, affordable, and can provide generous bottle storage. Even for bigger wine cellars and commercial applications, these kits come recommended.


Connecticut - Wine Cellars
Overall Rating 5 stars (6 customer reviews)
5 stars (6)
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5 stars
Chris D. - #332658 - View Photos
I built the cellar myself by customizing the layout of the racks to fit my design. The quality was fantastic. Customer service was perfect. Thanks again for a great product at a great price!
5 stars
Joseph L. & Peggy F. - #276778 - View Photos
We've just completed our wine room to our satisfaction. Have a happy holiday season!
5 stars
Andy G. - #270318
The quality of the customer service is just as high as the quality of the product. I recently built a 300+ bottle cellar and bought my racks from Wine Cellar Innovations. The design process involved many questions which they answered with patience and knowledge. I appreciated that. The racks themselves assemble easily and function perfectly. I would use WCI again and recommend them to other wine lovers!
5 stars
Chris A. - #307787 - View Photos
Great products. Well priced and easy to use website when selecting styles and really good customer service.
5 stars
Steve K. - #266981 - View Photos
The nail gun was essential. I cant imagine not using it. There were a couple of small parts missing, so I need to get them to finish, but it will only be an hour or so more work. Was impressed with the way it went together and it fit like a glove in the room.