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California is the third largest state in the United States in terms of land area, just after Alaska and Texas. It is known as the Golden State, deriving the title from a mythical island populated only by Black Amazon warriors who used gold tools and weapons in the 16-century romance novel Las Sergas de Esplandian. Once the name hit the maps, it stuck! And indeed, the state lives up to this title since it is one of the richest and and most diverse state in America - and even in the world. We have done more than just a few wine cellar projects in California and the list is growing from wine storage Sonoma County to Napa Valley wine storage, and as far down to San Diego. We're looking forward to bringing your wine cellar goals to life and that you'll be next on our list! Our services extend to all major cities and areas such as Southern California, Northern California, San Diego County and everything between! Some of our notable projects have been competed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, Anaheim, Long Beach, Palm Springs and more. We have a special place in our hearts for the wine country areas such as Napa Valley wine storage, Paso Robles, and Temecula. Our racking products are manufactured in Ohio but we have worldwide shipping, delivery, and installation services. As the most populous state in the U.S., we have no doubts that California also has tons of wine lovers just waiting for the right wine cellar construction products services. We are here to provide all those to you!

Favorite Testimonials from California Wine Storage Projects

California Wine Cellars & Wine Racks
Overall Rating 5 stars (24 customer reviews)
Metal Glass Wine Cellar - 268801
project #268801 - Livermore, California
Glass enclosed wine cellars are extremely popular and it's no wonder because they are elegant and gorgeous. This San Francisco wine cellar is was made with black VintageView metal wine racks, a WhisperKOOL cooling unit, and some fantastic LED lights to light everything up. The design process was easy and the installation went quick.
5 stars
"I just wanted to let you know that I think you guys did a great job and wanted to give you a huge thank you. I am so very pleased with my metal wine racks and glass enclosed wine room and wanted to share the final result with you. Great job team!" ~ Neil S ~
Beverly Hills Wine Cellar - 207505
project #207505 - Wine Storage Los Angeles Wine Cellar
Our Designer Series wine racks in Premium Redwood have been showcased in a prominent Hollywood home. The racks are dressed up in a beautiful Midnight Black Stain, paired with a wine glass rack and small tasting table. Completing the assembly are two solid wood Diamond Bins for bulk bottle storage, as well as custom moldings on the top and bottom sections.
5 stars
"This wine cellar was elegantly constructed for a new build in Beverly Hills. The black midnight stain on the wood really looked classic with the blue walls. Using solid wood, as opposed to an open diamond bin, gives an extremely custom feel to the wine rack kits, along with the beautiful moldings on top and bottom."
~Angie H.~
Northern California project 288171
project #288171 - Scotts Valley, California Wine Racks
The Vintner Series has always been a top favorite in our wine rack kits collection. This project is a full on out Vintner creation, with stunning Individual Bottle Columns and Curved Corner Racks and wine storage Sonoma County beautiful creation. Even if it's just a "kit," Vintner affords custom amenities such as beveled ends and rounded edges to ensure that the labels will not tear when the bottles are removed. The racks are crafted from Rustic Pine which further add to their reasonable pricing. The soft, creamy hues of the wood accentuated by subtle streaks and structurally sound knots give the racks that sought-after rustic architectural charm.
5 stars
"Thanks so much for making my beautiful wine closet, I love it! Awesome product and service too!"
~Paul G.~
Santa Clarita Los Angeles project 288614
project #288614 - Santa Clarita, CA
After looking through all these pictures our client sent through, we had serious jealousy. This is a stunning wine room that maximized bottle storage but really concentrated on special accents to get everything to come together. The curvy cubes which created a seating area, mixed with the quarter round shelving and vertical displays just look fantastic. We were so pleased that our client was happy too!
5 stars
"It took me awhile to get everything completed but at long last I'm sending you photos! It came out so nicely. Thanks for all your help, we are so happy." "
~Steve S.~

Featured Local California Wine Cellars
Serving the golden state of California and the surrounding cities:
Los Angeles * San Francisco * San Diego * Anaheim * San Jose * Sonoma County * Long Beach * Beverly Hills
We would love to help you design, build, and install your California wine cellar whether you live in Southern California, Northern Cal, or even need San Diego wine storage. We have created thousands of beautiful wine rooms around the state and have so many examples that you will love to browse through. Below are some specific examples of wine cellars built in California, including our favorite glass wine storage rooms built with wood or metal inside to hold your bottles. If you are wine tasting around some of the popular wine tasting areas such as Napa, Paso Robles, Sonoma, or Temecula, you may be able to see some of our products in some of those wineries! For building wine cellars, one of our favorite woods is Redwood, either Premium or Allheart, but we build in custom woods and stains. Create the perfect look for your needs and contact us today.
Wine Storage Los Angeles
Los Angeles
San Francisco Glass Wine Cellar
San Francisco
Wine Cellar San Diego
Wine Cellar San Diego
Anaheim Custom Wine Racks
Anaheim Wine Cellars
Wine Storage in San Jose
San Jose
Wine Storage Sonoma County
Wine Storage Sonoma County
Wine Racks in Long Beach
Long Beach
Beverly Hills Wine Room
Beverly Hills

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Local California Commercial Wine Stores & Restaurants

Chinois On Main - Santa Monica, California
Chinois on Main, Santa Monica, CA
Bing Crosby - Walnut Creek - CA
Bing Crosby's, Walnut Creek, CA
Residences at Santana Row - San Jose - CA
Residences @ Santana Row San Jose, CA
Rustic Kitchen
Rustic Kitchen Los Angeles, CA
The Lot - Newport Beach
The Lot Newport Beach, CA
Liberty - Cailifornia
Liberty Public Market San Diego - project #272138
Et Voila - California
Et Voila! French Bistro, San Diego - project #277770
Noe Valley - California
Noe Valley Wine Merchants, San Francisco - project #274947
Soma - San Francisco - CA
Soma Wine & Spirits, San Francisco - project #273359
Chinois on MainBing CrosbyResidences at Santana Row
Rustic KitchenThe LotLiberty Public Market in San Diego
Et Voila French BistroNoe Valley Wine Merchants - San FranciscoSoma Wine and Spirits
We love showing off beautiful wine stores, restaurants, and commercial ideas that clients notify us about. Here are some fun examples in the great state of California to give you an idea of what other people are created. If you are local, feel free to stop by to view the quality of our wood wine racks. Or, simply request a free sample of wood and stain and we would be happy to send it to you as soon as possible. "I've purchased from Wine Cellar Innovations before and they helped me create something different that we couldn't just buy off the shelf." Carlos W. The Lot in Fashion Island


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4 Questions to Ask Before Planning Your California Wine Cellar

Where should I build my wine cellar?
You can build a wine cellar anywhere in your home. However, keep in mind that the location you choose will have future impact on the maintenance costs for your cellar. It is highly recommended to construct your wine cellar in the coolest and most humid location in your home. The closer you are to the ideal storage conditions of 55-58 F temperature and 55-67% humidity, the lower your overall cost will be.

How do I start the wine cellar construction process?
We have put together an extensive and detailed guide for you to help you through the wine cellar construction process. There are essential elements to consider, such as installing the studs, soffits, refrigeration system, insulation and vapor barrier. You will need to cover all these bases. There are also options available and we are ready to assist you in making the best choices.

What type of wood should I go for?
While there are many species of wood you can choose from, we highly recommend these four top contenders for custom wine cellar projects: All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Rustic Pine, and Grand Mahogany. But we also offer a broad spectrum of select hardwoods and we would be happy to help you choose the most suitable one for your wine cellar.

Should I really build a formal wine room?
Of course not! A formal wine room does require enough space, budget, and time to build. If you are either not prepared or comfortable with one, there are other wine storage concepts you can consider. Some popular concepts include Dining Room Wine Displays, Closet Transformations, Under Stairwell Wine Cellars, Tasting Stations and Home Bars.


California - Wine Cellars
Overall Rating 5 stars (24 customer reviews)
5 stars (24)
4 stars (0)
3 stars (0)
2 stars (0)
1 star (0)
5 stars
Kevin J. - #334491 - View Photos
All is great! The communication was good, and it came together pretty quickly once I started.
5 stars
Robert T. - #327403 - View Photos
Wine racks are awesome!
5 stars
Philip S. - #324538 - View Photos
My cellar is small - 6 x 4 but the design and fit was perfect! I could not be happier with the whole process from beginning to end!
5 stars
Paul G. - #322805 - View Photos
We love your wine racks!
5 stars
Denise B. - #247690 - View Photos
We love the racks and they look great!
5 stars
Howard C. - #297448 - View Photos
The wine rack works great. I had a small space and your wine rack filled the space perfectly.
5 stars
David D. - #283873 - View Photos
All is good, we love our racks, thanks!
5 stars
John N. - #302896 - View Photos
You helped me immensely plan it so that it fit exactly in the space available. You can see how it fits like a glove. We laid it out on the floor, used an air gun for assembly and secured it to the walls with expansion bolts. Don’t think anything will happen to my wine collection in the next earthquake! Thanks so much for your help.
5 stars
Tom L. - #279217 - View Photos
I purchased a complete wine rack system here and I am very pleased with the quality and style of the racks. The install was a little complicated but the end result is great. I highly recommend these wine rack systems.
5 stars
Andrew M. - #320748
I purchased a Wine Guardian conditioner through Wine Cellar Innovations, and they went out of their way to ensure the correct model was purchased and shipped to the correct address - what complicated the sale was that I required a 50Hz 240V model, and they worked with the manufacturer to ensure that this was correctly ordered and delivered. Well done!
5 stars
Terry W. - #269624 - View Photos
Ours is a long narrow cellar under the house. The sides are stone about 30 inches high to support the racks, the floors are stone. The ceiling is a barrel vaulted structure with lighting above the racks. The display lights on the lower shelf are terrific. Thanks to Wine Cellar Innovations for the help.
5 stars
Ryan S. - #305781 - View Photos
Converted my pantry into a 500 bottle cellar and lined the walls with racks 6 feet high. I did all the measurements and calculations and then ordered the redwood racks online through Wine Cellar Innovations. They arrived quickly and were easy to assemble (with a basic nail gun). They're sturdy and look great!
5 stars
Angie C. - #281636
Me & my wine cellar are doing great. What I did: I worked with Wine Cellar Innovations to arrive at the basic design to fit my space. I had a woodworker make doors for me to fit the wine racks. We used African mahogany as the wood for the frames which I sanded and urethaned to a smooth finish. I purchased expanded aluminum to insert into the door frames. I cut, painted, and inserted the expanded aluminum into the frame opening. I added door latches to keep the doors closed. I think it came out great. Very fun project for me and built something completely different.
5 stars
Chris D. - #280508 - View Photos
The racks are very beautiful and very functional. I have a small vineyard over 1200 vines and built a wine room. Inside I put the racks that I assembled using my own nail gun. I wouldn't recommend not using one. Then had a professional build up a level platform and secure them to the wall. Hope the pictures help. Everyone comments on them.
5 stars
Louis L. - #288595 - View Photos
The racks arrived as expected. The wood on the tasting unit was cracked, but Jordan had it replaced right away. Assembling the racks was quite easy. Sometimes the instructions did not match up to what needed to be done, but most people could figure it out. Having a nail gun was outstanding and easy to use. A suggestion: it would be good if you included a small can of nail hole putty with the racks that matched the color of the racks. I found it very difficult to find nail hole putty and none really matched the rack color. The racks are very nice and I've received many complements on them.
5 stars
Kelly K. - #288237 - View Photos
We found the racks to be easy to assemble, I stained them and we used old fashion hammer although should have used nail gun!!! We love the look and love the cellar.
5 stars
Patricia D. - #286227
Great wine rack system! The wine racks are fairly easy to assemble and the finish product is very practical. We painted our racking and are very happy with the finished product. We have a huge problem though, we have too many bottles of wine and not enough racks!
5 stars
David W. - #285839
A Great Wine Storage Solution - After retiring from 35 years of restaurant wine programs, I retired to finally have the time to get my personal cellar organized. Wine Cellar Innovations provided exactly what I needed, at the best price. My Designer Series racks were delivered on time, in good shape, and I easily assembled them with just a hammer. Although my cellar is just that --a cellar!- the racks are both practical and good looking. It's such a pleasure now to be able to access all my wine, and take pride in my racks. Both my bottles and I are very happy!
5 stars
Gary M. - #275164 - View Photos
Here are the pictures of the empty closet we started with and the wine racks installed. Worked Great. We are very happy with the final product. I did use a nailgun. It is a very small space however it worked out well for our needs.
5 stars
George W. - #295050
Got bottles racked and everything looks fantastic. Great job installing Chris. And thanks Trish ur attentiveness and prompt response to issues.