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Global Wine Consumption
Below we have outlined some
key points on global wine
consumption from the online
“Wine Marketer Newsletter”.
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Global Wine Consumption to Exceed 26.2 Billion Liters by 2010, According to New Report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

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The global wine market is currently witnessing steady consumption growth across most markets and wine sectors. Consumption in the global wine market is projected to exceed 26.2 billion liters by the year 2010, growing at a compounded annual rate of about 1.26% over the period 2001 through 2010.

Medical Research Finds Health Benefits of Moderate Wine Consumption
The underlying driving force for healthy consumption patterns is the recent medical research findings, which confirm the fact that moderate consumption of wine prevents heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease as well as muscular degeneration. High publicity received by these findings is spurring consumption of wine at home and at horeca (hotels, restaurants and cafes) outlets, especially in non-wine producing countries.

Shift in Demographics and Lifestyle of Wine Consumers
wine consumerPreviously, interest in wines was confined to middle-aged customers, today a growing base of younger consumers are exhibiting a marked preference for wine over other alcoholic beverages.

Increased Competitive Positioning of Wine
In the coming years, wine is set to make gains in both developed and emerging markets at the cost of other alcoholic beverages. Proliferation of new players, and focus on high voltage advertising and marketing campaigns are likely to intensify competition in the marketplace as players attempt to leverage their respective competitive position in the market.

Market Strategy
How to your position yourself to take advantage of this ever growing wine trend? Making a visual impact for your customer base is key. By putting a wine cellar in a key visual location in your establishment you will be able to keep a constant focus on your wine offerings. A visually impacting cellar will also leave a lasting impression with your customer’s that will lead to mouth-to-mouth advertising of what impressed them during their visit.

"I used Wine Cellar Innovations in designing and constructing our state of the art wine cellar.

The result was a great success to the wine program in exposing the guests to the wine and promoting wine awareness and consumption as well as establishing one of the finest award winning wine programs in the region.

Thank you Wine Cellar Innovations."

The Celestial RestaurantChef Vik Silberberg
The Celestial Restaurant
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