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Fully Stocked WineMaker Series – Wine Rack Kits

May 3rd, 2012

Just a couple of months back, we featured a cost-effective yet luxurious wine cellar transformation utilizing our WineMaker Series wine racks kit. The satisfied client sent in these gorgeous shots of the wine cellar now that they have finished filing it up. We thought it’s only proper that we should share these wonderful images with everyone since we’re every bit as proud of this project as our clients.

Let’s go first with the image of the short-depth individual bottle storage wine racks. The installation photos were simply beautiful, especially with the way the bottles were lovingly accentuated by the waterfall design of the racks. Also, take a look how that display row literally ‘pops’ out thanks to the short depth racks.


When the client chose to go with the WineMaker Series wine rack kit, it was certainly a clever decision. They remained within budget while being able to turn out a luxurious wine cellar worthy of a Vintner or Designer. If you can recall, we’ve mentioned how WineMaker can give you almost the same racking options as the higher-end kits but at reduced depth. The short-depth racks require less material thus, they are less costly to produce. Nonetheless, you compromise nothing, not when it comes to either function or style. This gorgeous, filled-up wine cellar is definitely a living proof of that! As our client wonderfully phrased it:

“Our wine cellar looks beautiful!”

Here you can see the versatility of the wine cellar decked in WineMaker racks, accommodating almost all bottle sizes despite the reduced depth. In fact, the reduced depth is a huge plus when it comes to aesthetics because the bottles are beautifully highlighted by the unique configurations. We’re also loving the way unstained Premium Redwood works so well with the walls and flooring of the wine cellar to create a classy yet semi-vintage appeal. Note that while the racks lack the beveled rails and eased edges sported by higher-end kits, they are still capable of achieving a seamless composition.

So that wraps up yet another completed wine cellar project! Have you also purchased WCI wine racks and other wine cellar accessories before? Send us some shots on how you worked our stuff into your wine cellars and created your own magical transformations. We’re only too happy to feature them for all wine cellar enthusiasts to appreciate and enjoy ^_^. Have a great weekend ahead, wine lovers! *Cheers*

Technical Tuesday Episode #60 – Cost-Effective Luxury With WineMaker And Premium Redwood

November 8th, 2011

Sneak a peek into a most inspiring wine cellar transformation this Tech Tuesday! Beyond this stunning etched glass door lies a wine cellar that will really make you go wow. Allow us to show you guys how a cost-effective wine cellar rack kit can be second to none when it comes to design and style that’s absolutely unique, inside and out.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 213220
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold/WineMaker Series
Maximum Capacity:  600 bottles
Where: Lone Tree, CO

Before we take the scenic tour of the entire wine cellar room, let’s spend a bit more time appreciating the way this superbly crafted wine cellar door has provided for the perfect entryway. We’ve never failed to emphasize the significance of a custom wine cellar door that brings both function and flair to any wine cellar. Opening The Doors To Wine Happiness gets the message across by enumerating the creative ways wine cellar doors can amplify the architectural symmetry of your wine cellar.

And now on to the sleek interior courtesy of the faultless combination of the flexible WineMaker Series and gorgeous Premium Redwood. It goes without saying that the wood choice is arguably the best one. Premium Redwood rates a full five stars when it comes to custom wine cellars because durability and resistance to cool, humid atmosphere aside, it’s also one our SFI-certified Redwood species. This is a 100% guarantee that this wine cellar was built in a most environmentally sound manner!

WineMaker offers all the same racking options as its more prominent counterpart, Vintner, but with the reduced racking depth, it’s the more budget-friendly choice. Nevertheless, there’s no need to sacrifice style and visual appeal as can be gleaned from the superbly manufactured racks. Stackable and space efficient, there’s practically no limit to the ceiling height configurations you can work with with these racks as you can easily see from these images.

See how endless the design possibilities are with the WineMaker Series wine rack kit? The combination of the waterfall wine racks with generic individual bottle storage ones  makes for a classically polished look that exudes elegance with a capital E. Also, take a closer look at the custom trimmings and moldings from the base platforms to the quarter-round shelves which help make everything come together in a totally seamless and organized fashion.

Now, who says you can’t turn out a luxurious wine cellar while keeping within budget? Not when you have wine cellar rack kits that can give you something that looks as fabulous as THIS! Start building your wine cellar dreams today just by talking with our professional and amiable design specialists and see how mere inspirations can be given life only here at Wine Cellar Innovations.

Exquisite Redwood WineMaker Racks

October 27th, 2011

Ah, another happy client. This always makes our day!

“The redwood racks are great!” says our client Michael, who immediately sent us photos of his WineMaker wine racks. This wine rack collection is space efficient, visually appealing, and cost-effective. Why, it allows you to enjoy plenty of wine racking styles and wine display options. We’re totally loving the individual bottle storage on this one!

This line was created for the budget conscious, and the 15 degree wine bottle display rows is unique for this wine rack collection. We would love for you to learn more about the WineMaker collection. These racks are designed to stack one on top of another with the use of moldings to connect them together.

WineMaker wine racksBeautiful Redwood wine racks take center stage again. Notice the varying shades of the wood. Don’t you just love it in its unstained glory? With a wine collection stored in the best type of wood for wine racks, you give guests two things to admire: your bottles AND your exquisite racks!

Beautiful Redwood wine racks

For versatile, affordable wine racking, there’s really nothing quite like the WineMaker Series wine racks.  With a little creativity and excellent use of existing space, you can store your wine collection from floor to ceiling in the most appealing way possible!

The Face Off Round II: WineMaker vs. Traditional Redwood

August 22nd, 2011

Hello again, wine enthusiasts! So how did you guys enjoy Round I of the Face Off between Vintner and Designer wine racks? I felt like hitting the PSP and pulling out an all-nighter again after that article! Well brace yourselves for Round II today as we square off the ever space-efficient and cost-effective WineMaker Series Collection with the timeless elegance of Traditional Redwood Wine Racks. We’re in for an exciting match!

No cutting corners with WineMaker!

There are three amazing words to describe this collection: space-efficient, cost-efficient, and affordable. Indeed, the WineMaker series manages to combine of all these fantastic features that make building custom wine cellars quite an inspiring endeavor.


WineMaker wine racks boast of excellent craftsmanship and come in different wood varieties which showcase both durability and style. The racks come in individual racking options and bulk storage as well, for an economical yet chic wine racking system. While it lacks the versatility of Vintner and the compelling aesthetic appeal of Vintner, this collection can hold its own against the others because it can provide you with an organized and custom feel to your wine cellar at the most affordable cost.


In terms of space-efficiency, WineMaker scores double points, thanks to the super flexible wine racks that can be stacked one on top of the other to accommodate just about any ceiling height. Plus, Curved Corner wine racks are also available in this series, providing just the right solutions to evening out those clumsy corners, nooks, and crannies in your wine cellar. Check out some of the superbly-crafted pieces from this collection and see why bargain-hunters consider WineMaker to be definitely top dollar:

Now how’s the health bar on Traditional Redwood? Is it a KO, thanks to the triple combo by WineMaker? Let’s find out!

Ravishing results with Traditional Redwood!

Since custom wine cellars are indeed the next home fashion icon, a wine cellar project has to be geared towards creating “THAT” wine cellar and not just “a” wine cellar. In realizing such a seemingly expensive dream, Traditional Redwood Wine Racks provide all the essential answers. With this collection, you can create a totally personalized look for your wine cellar at off the rack prices!


Now Premium Redwood is one of the best picks when it comes to wood choice for custom wine cellars so that gives this collection a winning edge when it comes down to the crunch. In this collection, the beauty of Premium Redwood is showcased in the most outstanding way possible, with high-quality wine racks that are custom-built for a custom price:


  • The wine cellar and rack component in this series are 72″ high, 8 3/4″ deep for easy assemblage, thanks to the wine cellar rack kits that screw together in a most convenient manner.
  • The wine rack kits include special braces for easier assembly and attachment, allowing you to maximize the depth of your space in your wine cellar.
  • Wine racks are designed to accommodate wine bottles that are 2 ¾” to 3 ¼” in diameter with provisions for extra-large, magnum-sized wine bottles.
  • The racks are structurally designed to accommodate additional wine storage above racking and all hardware is included in the kit.


Because Premium Redwood is a wood choice that easily lends itself to stains and finishes, the wine racks can further be prettified to create an assortment of styles, from the usual classic touch, a soft, romantic feel, or a more vibrant mood with our selection of custom stains and finishes. Score maximum hit points with these fab numbers:

So who do you think scores the KO-blow with a triple-hit combo in this round? Well, it’s three-on-three for both WineMaker and Redwood bringing it to a definite tie again! Because the real winners are actually your wine cellars, all thanks to the wonderful wine cellar rack kits here at Wine Cellar Innovations. Whether its function or style or both, your wine cellar is sure to be a knockout winner in the wine cellar game. Last installment of the Face Off series coming up next so see you all next blog!