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Tech Tuesday #82 – Falling In Love with Vintner and Premium Redwood In Delicious Dark Walnut

May 8th, 2012

Our first reaction when these photos were unveiled was “Whoaaa!” As far as unique wine cellar transformations go, this has got to be one of the most incredible on we’ve had. We’re pretty pumped up to take you guys on the visual tour so here we go!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 223153
Wood: Premium Redwood, Vintner Series
Maximum Capacity: 900
Where: Akron, OH

Vintner Dark Walnut Wine Racks

If you’re just about suitably impressed with Vintner till now, we’re willing to bet that after seeing this wine cellar, you’ll be totally blown away. We’ve been promoting our top-of-the-line Vintner Series wine rack kit since forever but each wine cellar project utilizing the same leaves us awe-inspired. This uber gorgeous circular wine cellar gives us more reasons to love Vintner and its almost limitless flexibility.

The individual bottle storage racks combined with Open Diamond Bins for bulk storage purposes span the length of the odd-shaped room flawlessly. We’re also loving the custom Dark Walnut stain on the racks because it brings out the beautiful grain patterns of Premium Redwood. Now we know that we’ve featured a number of Vintner and Premium Redwood combinations in our previous Tech Tuesdays. This is exactly how wine cellar enthusiasts can gauge the versatility factor of both the wine rack kit and the wood choice. Notice that despite the similar combos, each wine cellar transformation has been remarkably distinct!

Individual Bottle Storage Wine Racks

Here’s a closer view of the individual bottle storage racks. See how the grain patterns of the wood have become more enhanced with the Dark Walnut Stain? Premium Redwood lends itself to stains and finishes exceptionally well and if you wish for a more solid and elegant look to your wine racking system, Dark Walnut is an excellent choice. Check out our collection of custom stains and finishes and see how they work in achieving a bevy of looks for any wine cellar. The client also opted to add lacquer to give the racks a sophisticated and polished finish.

We didn’t get shots of it but the client also purchased one of our WineZone wine cooling units. Just as Vintner Series is to wine racks, WineZone is like its twin when it comes to wine refrigeration systems. WineZone offers so many options when it comes to custom wine cellar refrigeration so do check out our available units.

Beautiful Custom Crown and Base Moldings

Last but definitely not the least, the entire wine racking system is topped off with custom crown and base moldings, courtesy of the Vintner Series wine rack kit. There are so many options to choose from as well, with custom moldings to fit your Corner Curved Wine Racks for a perfect, seamless touch as you can see from these photos.

So what do you think? Did the tour inspire you? We couldn’t imagine that it didn’t, especially with these tantalizing photos. Just imagine how everything would look when the entire wine cellar is all filled up! Hopefully, we give you guys a glimpse of the completed wine cellar in the future, too. Join us again next week and feast your eyes on more amazing wine cellar projects. ^_^

Technical Tuesday Episode #71 – A Magical Moment With Vintner and Premium Redwood in Classic Mahogany Stain

February 7th, 2012

“From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things, and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all.” ~Waldo Emerson~

When light and glass combine, the result is nothing but pure beauty. And pure beauty is exactly what is reflected in today’s Tech Tuesday feature. Witness the love affair between light and glass in this enthralling wine cellar closet transformation.

Who won’t be enthralled with these stunning shots? Once again, Vintner shows us why it holds the crown in WCI’s line of top-quality wine cellar rack kits. Let us enjoy the interlude of a gorgeous wine racking system with just the right stain option. The racks, including the Red Oak ladder, are all dressed up in Classic Mahogany stain for a super luxe feel.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 216647
Wood: Premium Redwood, Vintner Series
Maximum Capacity:  1998 bottles
Where: Midland, MI

The reason why the Vintner Series is a class all on its own is fairly obvious. Take this wine cellar closet with its very limited floor area. Because these racks are configured in such a way that they can accommodate just about any ceiling height, outfitting a small space seems rather effortless. Note the variety in the wine racking system here. Individual and bulk bottle storage, wine displays for standard and larger-sized bottles, and diamond bins all come together in seamless proportions.

This here is a marvelous shot showcasing the luxurious beauty of  the stained racks. Classic Mahogany is one of our more popular stain options because of its elegant color. Of course, since Premium Redwood was the main wood choice, it goes without saying that the wood sets off the stain quite well. Redwood, after all, is known for its ability to retain stains and finishes wonderfully. The bevy of grain patterns for this wood shows up even better with darker stains, like what we see here.

Because it’s the Vintner Series, expect to get nothing but the best when it comes to custom wine racks. See how sleek and polished the entire set-up looks? Thanks to the custom crown and base moldings, everything seems to just come together flawlessly. You can actually have the lengths of these moldings customized to fit the desired proportions of your racks. Now how’s that for giving your wine cellar a perfect fit? And of course, our signature beveled rails and eased edges come with the entire Vintner wine rack line, ensuring safe and comfy storage for every bottle.

The Quarter Round Shelf Cabinets add a dramatic yet functional touch to finish off the entire wine racking system. The client had us reduce the height of the quarter rounds to custom fit the limited space in this wine cellar. That’s how amazing everything can get once you have all the right elements come together. In this case, it’s the perfect wine rack kit combined with the best of professional design services from our expert design specialists.

Last but not the least, props to the client for the ingenious lighting set-up that enhanced the beauty of the racks to magical proportions. WCI also offers custom wine cellar lighting packages so if this ethereal look inspired you today, we can make it come true for you as well! So did we manage to shed a little “light” into your connoisseur hearts with this Tech Tuesday feature? Go ahead, type away on that comment form and let us know what you think!

Technical Tuesday – Episode #57 – Extra Roomy Residential Wine Cellar

October 18th, 2011

Hey, Tech Tuesday fans! Are you ready for today’s uber awesome episode? We’ve been terribly excited to feature this absolutely fantastic residential wine cellar because we’re comparing it to a really fab ensemble. If this wine cellar were a designer outfit, it would be runway perfect!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 210474
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold/Vintner Series
Maximum Capacity:  2433 bottles
Where: Kennett SQ, PA

The sheer versatility of the Vintner Series has never been so accurately showcased as it is in this wine cellar which perfectly balanced out aesthetics with full functionality. Over 2,000 wine bottles are expected to be stored  here with a lot of leg room for champagne and other spirits, including magnum-sized bottles. See how everything was put to good use, maximizing every inch of the wine cellar room and with complete provisions for individual and bulk bottle storage.

are always a thumbs-up when you want your wine cellar to be stylish, space-efficient, and eye-catching all at the same time. The client didn’t miss out on this and grabbed the opportunity to place those waterfall wine racks smack in the center of the room.

Remember how we’ve always talked about corners, curves, and circles really turning a phrase when it comes to wine cellars? Check out how this circular wine merchandiser makes an exclamation point in this one! There’s really something to be said about circular merchandisers and creating wine storage options with a flair. This scores bonus points for organization and accessibility as well since your more popular spirits can now be at an easy reach and displayed to their full vantage point.

The standout feature of the Gold Series is how it can provide both full depth racking and an assortment of wine storage options at a very attractive price that is light and easy on the wallet. Here, you can see how individual and bulk storage come together in a series of wine racking options that create a seamless transition from wall to wall and from wall to floor.

All the racks are stained in Dark Walnut finish for a rich, vintagey look to the wine cellar, working really well with those semi-antique ceiling lamps. The color will also create a nice contrast with the amber-filled bottles later on and since the client incorporated LED lighting for all 15-degree high reveals, the completed look will be nothing short of gorgeous.

A simple but classic wine cellar door creates a beautiful finishing touch to the entire layout. It doesn’t distract from the strong aesthetics of the wine cellar and makes for a nice little camouflage: through that seemingly tiny door lies a wine cellar room holding over thousands of wine bottles!

Once you don the perfect dress, all you need would be the perfect make-up and you’re ready to conquer the runway. All this Tech Tuesday’s beauty needs is to fill those racks up and it’s another wine cellar conquest for the amazing and experienced design specialists here at WCI! Get fashion forward wine cellars in just a few simple steps with our oh-so-easy design consultation package. Join us again next Tuesday for more wine cellar magical transformations!

Technical Tuesday – Episode #52 Spare Room Turned Wine Wine Cellar

September 13th, 2011

Wine cellars that make you go wow.

This is what we bring you every Tuesday, and we hope the past wine cellar features have inspired you to build your own wine cellar or have some racks customized for your store or restaurant. As to why you should have your cellar custom-made, we need not say more, do we? We let the pictures speak for themselves, such as last week’s beautiful Premium Redwood residential wine room. What did you think of it?

Today’s wine cellar shows you what you can do with that extra space in your home, such as an extra room under the stairs!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 211617-3
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold/Vintner Series
Maximum Capacity:  1223 bottles
Where: Water Mill, NY

When you’re planning to build a wine cellar in your home, the first question is usually where to place it. This would all depend on how big or small your wine collection is of course. If you have  a small one you’d probably opt for some wine racks in your dining room or kitchen, or go for a wine cabinet. But if you’ve got a spare room in the house, such as this space under the client’s staircase, it’s also a perfect place to build your dream wine cellar. All you need is a great wine cellar designer to make it all come true!

Just like last week’s wine cellar, this wine room features Premium Redwood wine racks. Only this time, they’re unstained, showing off the bare beauty of the wood. Naturally resistant to the cool, humid atmosphere desired for long-term wine storage, Premium Redwood has long been a favorite of wine cellar builders and wine lovers alike. It’s easy to see why. Just look closely at the pretty shades/colors of the wood in these photos. They range from brown, pinkish, creamy to reddish hues!

This wine cellar combines the best elements of the Gold Series and the Vintner Series — cost-effective wine racks that allow you to maximize wine storage, as well as easily grow your collection. The room’s space is maximized with individual storage racking, high reveal displays, open diamond bins and open vertical display bins. LED lighting highlights the lovely archway and some sections of the racks. It’s beautiful how LED lights add warmth to the room, right?

The main attraction of this wine room is really its wine racks. Unstained Redwood is a thing of beauty, isn’t it? Even the standard door is made of Redwood too! No etchings here or wrought iron grills like the other fancy wine cellar doors we’ve seen in other cellars. What you see is what you get, and when it comes to Redwood, what you get are beauty and durability.

All in all, we love how this spare room was transformed into a simple yet beautiful wine room. Whether it’s a spare room, your basement or your garage, you can do so much with your available space to house your wine collection! Learn more about custom wine cellars by Wine Cellar Innovations today, and see you again next Tuesday!


Wine Rack Kits To Die For: The Vintner Series (Part I of III)

October 27th, 2010

A look at Wine Cellar Innovation’s different wine rack versions for various needs, tastes, and budgets!

We’re all about excellent wine storage over here at Wine Cellar Innovations, and of course, we’re mad about creating fabulous wine racks of all shapes and styles for wine lovers!

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we have the 3 specific types of wine racks – the Vintner Series, the Designer Kit series, and the Traditional Redwood Series.

Wine storage can both be a space challenge and a design challenge, so combining form and function is the key to successfully displaying your wine. You can choose from over 30 wine racks from our Vintner Series, each one giving you the most space efficient, visually appealing, and cost-effective method of display!

Today’s post features the Vintner Series, which offers a wide variety of racking options, along with the ability to mix and match racking heights and styles.

The Vintner Series

This modular wine rack collection can be crafted from a variety of different woods all 4 foot and 3 foot stackable wine racks.  Let us tell you a little bit why modular wine racks like these are great: it’s easy to grow your collection with them!  While it may start with space consideration for just a few bottles, modular wine racks can be added on as your collection grows. This type of wine rack is also great when it comes to price considerations.

Since you can add wine racks as you go, keeping pace with your interest and collection, you can also pace your budget accordingly. As the different racks are stackable, you can take different combinations of three and four foot racks to create 6, 7, 8, 9 or even over 10 feet high depending on your available space.  We have various combinations of crowns and base moldings which you can use to complete a floor to ceiling construction between the one foot increments of the stackable Vintner series racks. Why, our Vintner series gives you a custom appearance at a mass produced price!

The Vintner collection was designed to accommodate wine bottles that are 3 – 3 1/2″ in diameter. This means that actual bottle slot width is a roomy 3 3/4th which can handle those larger Bordeaux and Burgundy wine bottles.  Aside from our beautiful wood choices, the wine racks featured in this collection are also available in these stain options:

  • light stain
  • classic mahogany
  • dark walnut
  • midnight black

Indeed, the modular wine rack kits from this collection perform the dual function of organizing your wine bottles, as well as displaying them beautifully. With the benefit of stackability, you’ll be able to enjoy them for years to come!

Tomorrow: Learn more about our Designer Series Wine Rack Kits!